What and how to clean my accoustic guitar

Hey folks love my accoustic guitar and I noticed it’s getting a little dull with finger prints and dust so was wondering what and how to clean it? Thanks!

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Hi Edward,
If you type this …clean my guitar…in the search box/glas on the right side at the top you will get a lot of advice and opinions… :blush:
But personally I just say a dry cleaning cloth over it and it’s oke… :sunglasses:
I hope this helps ,

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@edwardc you’ll get alot of replys on using polish to clean your guitar. Ignore this. You don’t use polish to clean a guitar. You will scratch the finish polishing a dirty guitar.

It depends on what you guitars finish is. If it is a newer inexpensive guitar or Taylor it will most likely have a poly finish. You can use any mild cleaner. Don’t scrub it use light pressure and use a soft cloth like an old cotton t shirt.
If you have a Gibson, Martin or a guitar with a nito finish use a moist cotton t shirt. If it is really dirty you can use lighter fluid. Donot use anything with alcohol or silicone. Also keep bug spray away from a nito finish it will ruin it.

If you want to poilsh your guitar use one made for guitars after you’ve cleaned it but its not necessary. To keep your guitar clean wipe it down with a cotton t shirt after playing it. Also wioe your strings down and they will last longer.


It’s a cheap Fender dreadnought mahagony finsish.

Fender CD-60S Solid Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar - All Mahogany

Fender uses a poly finish on guitars since the 70s so any mild cleaner will work. A damp t shirt if just finger prints, mild dish soap or even windex for sweat or grime.
You fret board raw wood just wipe it down with a damp cloth don’t get it to wet it will absorb the water and swell.

People will also tell you to clean your fret board with lemon oil. Also ignore this applying oil to a dirty fret board just drives the dirt into the board. Oiling a fret board is not necessary a properly humidified fret board won’t absorb oil. You can apply it if you like the darker look .
Also never apply oil to a maple fretboard.