What Are Minor Chords

Do minor chords sound sad? This is actually a decent definition, but here, we delve a bit deeper into what makes a chord minor.

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To me, minor chords sound more evil than sad.

In the video, Justin says that “it’s not always the case that one note will move on a guitar to change a major chord to a minor chord.” Is this covered in a more advanced level? What would be an example?

I guess any chord that has more than one third note. In that case you need to flatten all of the thirds.

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Suppose you have a D major chord in the open position, but you played F# on the fourth string instead of the open D. Is it still a D chord? Then you’d have to flatten both F#'s to F’s to get Dm?

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It would be a D/F# and yes you would have to flatten both F#s to be a minor chord. The definition of a minor chord is it has a minor (flat) third. Also Major and minor chords only contain 3 notes the Root, third and fifth.

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