What are you reading now? The Masters


When you need a break from playing guitar, you might read about some guitar players in this 2023 release, a compilation of Jann Wenner interviews for Rolling Stone done over four decades. Amidst a steady stream of male ego, there is colorful rock and roll history and also some gem quotes to appreciate.

Without reading the book, who amongst the JG Community can assign these 7 quotes to the correct guitarist? (JG editors, excuse the expletives. Rock stars seem to swear an awful lot…)

  1. “Well, something much more incredible than just a rock and roll show with a light show…The formlessness, the thing of people wandering around wondering what was going on, stuff happening spontaneously…”
  2. “I used to think that one day I’d be able to resolve the different drives I have in different directions…Now I realize that is who I am, and I’m more content to be discontent.”
  3. “If I could be a fuckin’ fisherman, I would! If I had the capabilities of being something other than I am, I would. It’s no fun being an artist.”
  4. “Human nature hasn’t really changed in three thousand years. Maybe the obstacles and actualities and daily customs change, but human nature really hasn’t changed. It cannot change. It isn’t meant to change.”
  5. “The audience and the artist are valuable to one another as long as you can look out there and see yourself, and they look back and see themselves.”
  6. “We had evangelical fervor. So it was exciting, and no one knew where it was going, if it was going to last…It could have easily passed on.”
  7. “Rock and roll is one of the keys, one of the many, many keys to a very complex life. Don’t get fucked up with all the many keys. Groove to rock and roll and then you’ll probably find one of the best keys of all.”

Rock & Roll!

Great post! I don’t know all these guys very well, and I have no idea who said the various things, but I’ll take a few stabs, just for fun:

number 1. Garcia
number 2. Springsteen
number 3. Lennon
number 6. Bono (or Lennon or Garcia??)

I’m a huge Dylan fan and have read a lot of stuff about him (including a full book of interviews with Dylan) and none of these sound much like him, to my ears. Of course, Dylan could and would change from day to day, so who knows? Maybe 4. is Bob?