What are you working on? Chilling with Justin

Hey there,

What are you working on now and how do you spend time with Justin so you feel really chill and comfortable? :slight_smile:
I am into Shallow now with Justin, full bottle and warming TV fire. These are THE days. :slight_smile: Cant wait for next club meeting.

Feel free to share your chill spots with Justin. :slight_smile:


I’m working on getting my chill spot together today.

I have my gaming computer I’m reorganizing and converting into my “music studio” for learning and recording. It’s time to redirect time from gaming and put it into music.

I spent the morning working on a binder with a section for learning information, another for songs to cover, an additional one for originals in the works, and finally a spot for info on gear for quick reference as I learn everything.

I’m slowly organizing my gear so everything is handy and quickly accessible.

I’m creating Spotify playlists for repeat listening of songs I want to or am learning.

Also I’m slowly working on putting together sheets for songs I’m learning. Perhaps one day I’ll learn how to read real music but for now I’m creating my own thing complete with chords, strumming patterns, tabs, notes, etc. Whatever I need at this point to remember all the things I need to get through a song.

I’m going through the massive pile of songs I’ve collected to learn and paring it down to something more realistic so I can make sheets with all the info I need for a much smaller number of songs. So far I’m down to F**kin" Perfect by Pink, Last Christmas by Wham, The Climb by Miley Cyruis, Changes by Langhorne Slim, I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty, Washing Dishes by Jack Johnson, Runaway Train by Soul Asylum, and Upward Over The Mountain by Iron and Wine. I’m sure it will change as I begin to make my own sheets and determine if I can feel the song well enough to learn it.

I’m going through my Youtube and clearing out all the random channels I’ve subscribed to over time and reducing it down to only music related channels. I’ll organize those at some point.

TLDR: Creating and organizing my chill spot.

I love the fire and Jeager chill spot! So cozy. Mine is chill, as in a cold basement (freezing as we crank the AC to cool down my daughter’s room in the evening).

I am working on the Autumn Leaves jazz lesson in grade 6 (I am not grade 6, but the lesson lives there) embarking on exploring my jazz chops. It is a fun delve into jazz, chord construction, harmony, melody and improvisation (I hope, in theory…).

I may have posted this cool AI rendering of my “chill spot” before, but here it is again. The guitar at center was sold.


Spring was a lot of work around the house and we also had a lot of family activities, kids finishing school, … So in the last few weeks I had much less guitar hours then I hoped for. I paused the Module 3 courses for a while, but managed to do some of the Clubs. For excersising I am doing the A shape major barre chords, also trying to memorize barre chord names down the freatboard and some fingerstyle excersises. For fun I try to sing-play songs at least few times per week. Singing is still shitty and this could be the main draw back currently so I am thinking of getting few private hours to figure this out.

And yeah, weekend is right around the corner so have a good one everybody :upside_down_face: :guitar:

@southofpegasus That does not sound much chill right now, but it will be definitely when you got your spot done. Sounds interesting. I would like to play on guitar by PC too, I am gamer too… but I have gaming chair and there is no space for guitar to me. Or is there some magic trick how to hold it as comfortable as on couch? Guess there is some topic for studio corners, so please share with us when you are done. It sounds really good. :slight_smile:

@Jamolay looks really great. :slight_smile: What is this black side of guitar? Some sticker? Saw it on other guitar of yours too, but it was brown.
Grade 6 is really something, bet you are playing really great. :slight_smile:

@bk2 Its all about to enjoy and feel good. I dont count I will be able to sing that good, so I can sing for people, but definitely gonna try to learn play and sing, so I can enjoy these times. I am Grade 2 starter, tried to sing but immadiatelly my rhytm, pattern and chord broke. :smiley:

Oh, I am not at grade 6 by any means, and I would not consider myself anything but an advanced beginner. But I have finished Grade 3, spent a lot of time consolidating the salient (to me) points, been doing the music theory course and moved forward with a few study areas that interest me that are farther ahead. This lead to looking at chord construction, triads and 7 chords. That got me interested in jazz and so grade 6 is where Justin’s jazz courses live.

I think that one you are comfortable enough with the basics through grade three and are beginning to explore grade 4, Justin has it set up in a less linear way and there are aspects you can choose areas from grades 4,5 and 6 that are of interest. If you are ready, it is worth looking through all the advanced courses to see what is available (and the material that is not part of the main courses). I would say that I did some work in grade 4 and 5 that help me feel prepared for the Jazz course, but there is a lot in 4, 5 and 6 I am not ready for.

The black stipe you see are add on arm rests. (Not just for classical guitars).

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I have a gaming chair myself. Most of the time I simply scoot forward on the edge of the chair. I also have a drum throne and a barstool I can swap out when I want. I have a standing desk so I can raise it and stand as well if I want.

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Just played the piano learning Gabriella’s Song and This is Me , and bussy learning the C major scale in open position, the Em pentatonic and the barre F chord. Wanted to play along with the Justin app on my computer but could not open it. Installed Windows 11 yesterday so I have to find a correct version of Bluestack for Windowws 11 and find out if it will work on my desktop.

Hi Michael.

I’m doing the Justin guitar SOS strumming course. This has really helped me advance in strumming and timing as well as to understand how important it is to mix it up when playing songs. I’ve probably done 10 videos and a lot were boring choppy strumming.

This week I’ve been revisiting songs I tried and failed a long time ago. So far so good. The hard part is finding time to truly put in the practice time. Linkin Park, the Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi are the recent ones the past couple weeks. Hope you have a great weekend and rock on.


The best way to sing and play is to start slow and simple with an easy song. Start with playing just one strum where the chords change then move to a steady down strum, then add a strumming pattern once you’ve mastered the basics. This really worked for me so hope it helps.


Thanks for that. My singing problem is however a bit different… It is not strumming and singing at the same time that is the issue, its just that singing (with or without the fuitar) sucks terrebly. Not for me, but for the listeners :slight_smile: Aparently I dont hear and sing the pitches very good and singing rhythm…khm…Thats why I mentioned to perhaps visit some singing tutor to set me on the right path. At this point in my guitar path, playing and singing my favourite songs is where I enjoy the most.

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Getting in song for grade 2 mostly.

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Hi Bostjan @bk2, my singing has historically resembled yours! Even my husband and stepson once told me I couldn’t sing. :rofl: Kind of wish someone would have been so blunt sooner! I’ve made progress, though, almost without trying. If you haven’t yet, consider looking into Justin’s Ear Training lessons. Just spending 5 - 10 minutes a day with these has helped me so much! It really happens naturally - a main exercise for learning intervals is to play a note on the guitar, then sing the target interval note (you’ll think of a well-known song to know what to sing), then play the interval note on the guitar. I suppose my bad vocal accuracy was/is connected to my untrained ear. Actually, I’ve set this aside the past couple of months…you’ve inspired me to put it back in my practice routine. Thank you! And if you’ve already investigated the Ear Training lessons, thank you for indulging my description of things you already know. :smiling_face:


Okay I understand now what you’re saying. I’m no expert in singing but I would say I’m at least average. I’m not sure if you’ve heard my songs here over the years but I’ve always sang with the rhythm of the song. There is a guy named Chris Liepe that several here in the community have recommended. Google him on you tube and check out the free stuff. One thing I can share from his lessons is warm up. Like a runner or playing a sport warm up your voice before the big show. He has a video where he talks about this in detail. Basically where the words are you strum and make various sounds. Start with do’s then ah’s then oh’s then e’s . Example: Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah -ah, AH, AH Ah. Easier watching the video but the point is to loosen your voice range.

I hope this is helpful


One more thing. You can sing it just takes a bit of practice to get there. Don’t be discouraged. I’m sure once upon a time you said I can’t play guitar and in time no way, and here you are today.

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Thanx. I think I already heard about that Ear Training somewhere, but didn’t put it in my practice routine jet… Will give it a try :slight_smile: Thank you


Thank you for your kind words. Will sure look about Chris Liepe videos.

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I too am starting working on Autumn Leaves and as a prelude to my Jazz excursion, I have been studying the jazzy “Stormy Monday” blues from the Allman Bros live Fillmore East album including Duane and Dickey Betts’ solos. Not sure that qualifies as chilling but the track is reasonably laid back.

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That sounds fun! Do you have a learning resource for it? Likely beyond me at the moment, but would love to think of it some day. Those guys put out some amazing stuff.

Right now I am still trying to wrap my fingers around the chord changes. Time for some more “perfect chord change” practice!

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I got that album when it came out so have been familiar with it for a long time.

There are some guides on YouTube that are pretty close. The chords in the Allman version are more intricate than the original T Bone Walker. I believe the song is in one of Justin’s lead guitar tutorial books.