What Chords to play over my son's song in C#?

My son has written a song (very proud) in C#. What chords do I play over it? What scale do I use to play to it?

Hello Kenny and welcome to the community.

More information is definitely needed here.

First - how do you know if it in the key of C# if you do not know the chords being used or the scale that the melody uses?
Second - what instrument has your son written this on?
Third - C# is a key that almost never gets used but if it really is in the key of C# I can help you analyse it and advise you.

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Ken, welcome to the community. If you are sure it is in the key of C#, I would just put a capo on the first fret and play the main (major) chords (chord shapes) in the key of C (C,F and G) and any of the minor chords (shapes) if needed (Dm, Em and/or Am). If that doesn’t work, perhaps the song is in another key. If it is a simple song with just major chords, you could put a capo at the 4th fret and play the A, D and E open chord shapes.