What do this symbols mean in TAB notation?

Whilst reading some guitar TAB notation I stumbled on this symbols in guitar TAB and I am confused a bit. I know from reading about music theory that the curved line means a slur if notes are different pitches on the stave (which on piano means you play notes connected smoothly) and that it’s a tie if notes are of the same pitch (which on piano means you play the first note extended by length of second note). But I do not understand how you would play this series of notes in picture I attached. Justin mentioned curved lines mean hammer-ons and flick-offs, but how would you play them in this first note cluster before the bar line? There are two notes between the other two notes connected by the curved line. I just don’t get it.

Tab notation

It looks like a hammer-on, followed by two pull-offs.

So, put your index finger on fret 2 and your ring finger on fret 4. Pluck the string, then do this:

  1. Hammer on fret 5 with your pinky.
  2. Pull off fret 5 with your pinky.
  3. Pull off fret 4 with your ring finger.

Thanx! That makes sense!