What do you use for playing along with songs/backing tracks?

Just wondering what everyone uses for playing along to songs, or to find a backing track. YouTube? Spotify? Your own CDs or MP3s? Justin’s app?

With YT’s recent crackdown on adblockers, I’m not yet opting to pay $15 monthly for Premium that will, without question, go up in price or eventually become the base package and will include ads. But I’d like to be able to find a way to play any song I want with no ads. For free, haha. Geez we’ve been spoiled with being able to use adblockers on YT.


Mostly Spotify and Justin’s backing track albums. Sometimes YouTube. I can’t recall having an ad interrupt a YouTube backing track and I don’t use an ad blocker.

This just doesn’t sound right :thinking:

I know, very selfish of me. I guess I’m used to having bought a CD, I can use it endlessly. But with YT, I’ve skipped the purchasing it in a store part.

Not really.
As you said, it’s something many of us have become used to but is probably not right if you look at the larger picture…

My son tells me this lasted about 2 weeks before the adblockers worked out how to bypass it. I never saw any ads on YT in that time.

But I mostly use Justin’s backing tracks or ones I have found on Spotify. There are a few I have captured off YT as well. All are saved onto my Boss loop station in various memory slots (each one named with key and BPM).

I’ve recently been creating my own using Moises. I strip out the guitar and maybe the vocals and then save it as my own backing track.


There’s an app called Perfect Tempo for any Apple Music subscribers.

Still need to pay for songs I.e. Apple Music subscription but can also import mp3s locally if you have them.

Let’s you slow down tracks for learning or repeat sections. You can change pitch of local files too but this doesn’t work with the Apple Music tracks.

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never see ads during these


Me too. Much, much better than YouTube or anything else I’ve tried.

And I just buy the songs off iTunes. If I’m going to spend hours learning how to play a song, I have no problem at all with spending less than cost of a cup of coffee to buy the track.

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I tend to buy some tracks off Karaoke Version, as it then lets me mute or play individual parts.

The quality is better than Moises and there’s usually more flexibility in how you can arrange the backing tracks.

Oh, and the artists get paid.




I do all my song learning etc inside Reaper and Guitar Pro. Any permutation required in a song I’m going to be able to do in either of these.

Rip the Youtube video to mp3 with Media Human. Create another copy with separate tracks with Moises.
Import into Reaper and/or Guitar Pro.
( I’ve got a Premium Youtube account, as I use it for other things, and ads are just not cool).

Cheers, Shane


I also use Karaoke-version.com, like @Majik. For $2.99, you can download each individual track and drop them into a DAW. Mute the ones you want to play or listen to how the artist plays it. I like to add my guitar tracks, piano and vocals but keep the horns, bass, drums etc. It’s like I have my own band!

I use Apple Music and have access to any song they have. But if I need to slow it down, I’ll download from Youtube in an MP3 format (there are plenty of apps or websites that will do this). I use Anytune on the Mac to repeat sections, slow it down, etc.

Guitar Pro is another great option if they have the song.

Good luck!


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I have good luck finding backing tracks in spotify. I search for a music style and key and usually come up with something that works

I use https://music.youtube.com/

The cheapest version 9.99 euros per month, wonderful without advertising and compared to the CD I bought, a ridiculous pittance at that price… :sunglasses:

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I also use Moises or similar software. I use an iPad and they’ve made some good improvements to the Moises iPad app lately.

As an aside, I pay for YouTube premium… creators deserve to get paid

I got several playlists on Spotify (premium). Electric, accoustic, Eb, Country Accoustic, DropD, Open G…
I also use a Looper for Impro

Originals in my music collection if I am just jamming/messing/learning.

http://Karaoke-version.com if I am looking for backing tracks for covers and/or multi-tracking.
https://www.youtube.com/@ElevatedJamTracks for a cornucopia of tracks to impro with.
I also used to use a lot of BTs from Jam HQ on YouTube but the original channel has been taken down and seems to be replaced by JAMHQ Bass. Fortunately I DLed a lot of the tracks a few years back and cannot see them anywhere on the 'tube these days. :cry:

Edit - and I’ll knock something up in GP8 for bass, keys and drums or import a midi from Ultimate.

Simples. :sunglasses:

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Justin has a bunch of backing tracks tied to lessons, as does TrueFire and Active Melody. Tons of great backing track channels on Youtube as well. You can roll your own with a decent DAW or looper. That said, it’s not a bad idea to jam out to just about any music service and/or genre.

I don’t usually jam with Spotify as you can’t slow it down (you can with podcasts but not songs last I checked).

Paid option - download from Amazon or Apple, sync to phone, use a media player that lets you slow it down.

Free option - download Tux Guitar (free version of guitar pro), find a guitar pro tab on line, and you can loop and slow down parts you need to.