What five campfire songs should you have in your locker

Anyone ever tried Heroes as a campfire song? It’s easy, not too many lyrics, but maybe a bit difficult to sing? Then again, Happy Birthday is rough to sing, I think, but that never stopped anyone!

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I guess it’s due to old age, but I don’t even recognize some of the songs people are listing, so there’s no way it’s be able to sing along around a campfire.

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One of my main guitar aims (by the year 2030) is to have around 40-50 songs that I can play start to finish from memory. My weekly practice routine includes memorising chords and lyrics (usually on the train to work).

For now my campfire ‘go to’ songs:

Take Me Home, Country Roads


Brown Eyed Girl

A Beatles song (maybe Let it Be or Love Me Do)

Either ‘Before Too Long’ or ‘To Her Door’ by Paul Kelly

Pub With No Beer

The last two being very specific to Australia.

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I’ll add two to the collection:
Save tonight
Dust in the wind

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So a totally different take on the top 5 campfire songs with a bit of a cowboy slant

  1. Home On The Range
  2. I’ve Been Working on the Railroad
  3. Waltzing Matilda
  4. Scarborough Fair
  5. Michael Rowed the Boat Ashore.

Ok its a little corny but what the heck :slight_smile:


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Well what do I think?

  1. Three little birds
  2. Redemption song
  3. Brown eyed girl
  4. Yellow submarine
  5. Maxwells silver hammer
  6. Take me home country roads
  7. Annie’s song
  8. Living on a prayer
  9. House of the rising sun
  10. Sitin‘ on the dock of the bay
    I could easily suggest a lot more but……….

Hi Michael,
I see that many guitarists have more problems with counting than average people :roll_eyes: … I didn’t expect that :grin:
You can spend some time picking out numbers, have fun :sunglasses:


What?? There’s never too much guitars, gear and SONGS! Counting isn’t the problem. To limit oneself is the hardest part :joy:.


For me it’s any Oasis song :wink: !!

No, kidding…I’ll follow the rules and stick with 5 (+1 bonus):

  • Three Little Birds

  • Man On The Moon

  • Don’t You Forget About Me

  • Fast Car

  • Wonderwall (well c’mon, has to be!)

  • Bonus - Should I Stay or Should I Go


Dear Helen (now I’m using your other personality,the sensible loving housewife)
If asked to pick five guitars for free, how many of us would come home with, say, 3? :roll_eyes:so I admit it must be selective…and not real counting problem,but still…
Michael must be shocked by so much choice :grin:


Lots of great suggestions. Thank you!
Folsom Prison Blues - Cash
The Gambler - Rogers
Traffic in the Sky or Were Going to Be Friends - Johnson
Hey Jude or Let it Be - The Beatles
I’m Yours - Jason Mraz


Rogier @roger_holland

Certainly given myself a task in pulling it all together at end.
Michael :bar_chart:


Michael, first - thanks for posting this, it’s great fun. I don’t know if this is too much to ask, but it might be fun to compile a list of all the suggestions an put out a survey allowing respondents to choose only five (or ten :smiley: ). Even more of an ask: maybe have two or three categories, resulting in a list for each! I’d be willing to assist you if there’s a way to help…


Judi @judi

Thanks for your input, I am initially just going to count up the ‘votes’ for each song and see where it goes.
I take your point about different lists, I presume you meant different type of ‘audiences’ but I tried to sidestep this by saying suitable for all age groups, was thinking of a family get together, parents, grandparents, children, rather than a group of your friends but could think about that a the next step.

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Awesome list! My entire reason to start learning guitar 1 1/2 year ago (thanks to Justinguitar) has been to be able to play songs by the fire at our cabin. Your list includes a few of the ones I have been practicing as well. Pink Floyd and Eagles… how can you go wrong :slight_smile:


Sylvie @SylvieL

Which pink Floyd and eagles songs so I can add them to the list


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Those of you that are observant will have noticed I haven’t given my five songs yet.
I will do at some point.
Michael :notes:

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The Pink Floyd song is “wish you were here” and Eagles “take it easy”… However if you are adding to the list I have also been practicing “sitting by the dock of the bay” which has been mentioned a few times. Not to add even MORE songs to your list but I also love Cranberries “Linger” and Eagles “Tequila Sunrise”… I will stop here because my song book is getting bigger every week and I am sure that all the Country songs I have been practicing would be unpopular to a lot of you out there… and yes I live in America :slight_smile:


How about Jumbalaya, really nice feel good swing song perfect for that 2x4 strum pattern.

Could add all sorts of fun to that, Clapping, accoustic hit on guitar.



In a thread where several people think Wonderwall is a campfire song? Post whatever you like! (I had to go find Wonderwall on YouTube, because I’d never heard of it, and when I listened to it, I thought “really? People would sing THAT around a campfire?”