What five campfire songs should you have in your locker

I had it exactly same way about Wonderwall. - I just listened to it again and this time while reading the lyrics.

It’s actually not that bad, because of the rhymes. It would be fairly easy to learn the text because of that. Also a lot of it is the same. Very easy to sing along also, when knowing the lyrics.

When looking at the chords, it’s not that bad actually. Capo on second fret. Pinky and 3rd finger on 3rd fret from capo, like the G and hold them there, while shuffle a little around up further with middle and index fingers. - PS Edit. Another place I found these chords used: Em - G - D - A - D/F - C - D/F#
Could actually be more easy than many of the other songs. :wink:

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For us 30-40 somethings, who were listening to music in the 90s, Wonderwall is implanted in our brains. Not just because of all the airplay it got at the time but because every acoustic guitarist being paid to do covers in beer gardens would include it in their setlist. :slight_smile:

I actually don’t think it’s a great song necessarily. In fact, I would say that the B-side to Wonderwall (Masterplan) was a better song, however it’s just one of those tunes that people of a certain generation can recognise and belt out with ease.


The fire is sure to inspire, the beverages will help set a warm and intimate mood, and the embers will be glowing and dancing. Unless you want to send everyone home (or to their tent) early, do not play Mad World!


I guess we were listening to different radio stations! :joy: In the early-mid 90s, I was listening to New Wave, blues, and “neotraditional” country.


100% agree on this. No sad songs what so ever at the campfire, especially not Mad World and the like. That’s a no go - Have to be happy songs, dancing songs, romantic songs and “I luv you more than you luv me” songs. - Happy feelings :camping: :fire: :guitar: :notes: :partying_face:


Hi Mark: Very funny about Wonderwall :smiling_imp: I, too, have practiced wonderwall and found it great for improving strumming skills, however way too fast for a relaxed campfire song. Hey, to each is own right? Okay here goes my country song list: “Here’s a quarter” by Travis Tritt, Midland’s “Burn Out”, “Drinking Problem” as well as “And then some”, Luke Comb’s “One Number Away”, and of course for the one or two country fans out there, Dwight Yokum’s “A thousand miles from nowhere”. Also, I forgot to add my vote in the last communication: I also practice “knocking on Heaven’s door” which I think is a great repetitive chord change with interesting strumming, and Eagles “peaceful easy feeling” which is just a fantastic song. I am enjoying this thread and looking forward to adding even more songs to my repertoire… I absolutely LOVE playing / learning guitar!


I think this is going to depend on your age and your location! Campfire would tend to suggest acoustic so that influences the songs quite a bit. From a UK perspective I’d go for:-

  1. Any Beatles song (particularly the earlier stuff).
  2. Any Stones song (particularly the early stuff).
  3. Brown Eyed Girl
  4. American Pie
  5. Wonderwall (99% if you ask an audience for a song at the end of the night it’ll be this they shout back). This can be pretty relaxed on an acoustic.

Looked, listened, looked some more and listened some more. Sadly only 5. But here goes - Pretending being the DJ with the guitar and want to spice up the peps at the campfire, so I go with these songs in the written order:

  1. Hello Goodbye - Beatles
  2. Crazy little thing called love - Queen
  3. Yellow Submarine - Beatles
  4. Wonderwall - Oasis
  5. Take me home country roads - John Denver

Freebird by Skynyrd :love_you_gesture:




A lot of campfire songs I would take into my repertoire already have been mentioned and I add one that was played at partys in Germany a lot, or better said always, is Smokie “Living next door to Alice”. My friends aren’t very musical or play classical music, so my campfire experience during the last two decades is a little limited. :joy:

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I prefer this approach…I’d rather hear (or play) something that surprises and delights, rather than the same old songs that got played to death on top 40 radio when I was a kid.

In a nutshell, he recommends covering songs that are well known, but not originally recorded as “singer + acoustic guitar” songs. Suggests creating a “Covers to cover” YouTube playlist for inspiration.

Perhaps a bit more difficult for beginner/intermediates like me, but I think the results will be a lot more interesting if I can pull it off.

PS I highly recommend his Substack. Lots of interesting ideas, very well presented.


The singers from some of my favorite punk bands have done this, performed solo singer/acoustic versions of their own songs on YouTube. I really enjoy those sorts of things, and want to learn some of them myself eventually.

Here’s an example:
Solo Acoustic: MxPx- Let's Ride (LIQ Version) - YouTube
Full Band: MxPx - "Let's Ride" - YouTube

I’m glad to hear other people enjoy those sorts of covers.

  1. Don’t fence me in
  2. I’m a believer (monkees)
  3. blowin in the wind (bob dylan)
  4. mr tambourine man (bob dylan)
  5. country roads

First of all welcome to the community :+1:
Your second one is interesting, wasn’t expecting that to come up, it was on the first LP I bought, shows my age.

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Well it is about time I put my five up as I stared this off.

1 Brown Eyed Girl

2 Bad Moon Rising

3 Take me home Country Roads

4 Dance the Night Away

5 Green Green Grass

First three are my Grade 1 songs, decided on No 4 as chords are easy and a bit of sing along, I don’t play it very well but I think I would get away with it. I felt the need to include a recent song and went for George Ezra. Still learning and not totally committed to memory yet but with the chords in front of me I can play and sing.

Keep them coming in😀


Jason @Rossco01

Just so I can add some songs I have had a look at the Beatles and Stones songs that Justin has done and are early ones also low grade if possible.

Love me do

Twist & shout

Yellow Submarine

Let it be

When I am 64


The last time

Paint it black

Brown sugar

If you have a preference let me know otherwise when I get around to analysing the results I will pick names out of a hat.



My top five that I can play reasonably well and where I hope the audience joins in to let me off the hook :laughing: would be:
Brown eyed girl
Friends in low places
Folsom Prison Blues
Stand by me


@MAT1953 mmm I think Brown Sugar for the Stones…but on the Beatles front a nice easy one (from JGs beginner song book - Stage 4) is I Want To Hold Your Hand. Really nice middle 8 section as well on that one.


Jason @Rossco01

Good choice :+1: