What happened to the old Disqus comments?

I’m working my way through the courses (mid Grade-2 now) and very often on the lessons I would read the disqus comments - there were loads of great ideas there for other songs to play, clarifications, etc. Are those gone now? I noticed that instead there is a link to this forum.



I agree with @jkahn , lots of good content has disappeared by getting rid of the comments. Some way to get it back?

I believe the new community platform replaces both the old Disqus comment system and the old community forums. In both cases (Disqus and Forums) the previous content isn’t migrated to the new platform, so this is kind of like a fresh start with a single, integrated approach instead of the two separate “kingdoms.” Unfortunate to lose the previous content, but it seems that it is what it is.

Many of the forum regulars manually migrated at least some of their content (i.e. copy/paste) into the new community platform, but I’m not sure if that’s possible with Disqus comments. (I never used Disqus, so I just don’t know.)

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The decision was made to start 100% fresh so I’m afraid all the Disqus comments have now gone.

The loss of content was one of my main concerns when I learnt it was going to be a clean start. And I know that will be of concern from those here who came from either the website with Disqus and the old forum.

On reflection and after nearly 9 years on the forum, the same questions get asked time and time again, as new students jump on board to start their journey or progress further down the road. So those same questions invariably trigger the same answers, suggestions and advice.

I know that content is lost for now but it won’t take long before this place is full of what’s been lost and more.

Those on the old forum who have recorded in AOVYP or written Roadcases (on going bios) have and are moving them across. And I would encourage anyone that posted similar content via Disqus to repost it here.

Other articles which can now be shared to a wider audience, are being moved by their authors but may need some revision content wise, pictures, diagrams etc due to the change of platform.
So in time this place will be a wealth of information, we just need a little patience. Cue GnR !

Just MHO.



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No doubt it will fill itself with new and perhaps even better content. Was just wondering if old post could be viewed in an old system or such.

I posted some comment to the lessons again as I think it would help others.
From a positive view, you get rid of junk posts and content worth mentioning will be posted again anyway.

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A bit of a bummer the old content is gone. So much good stuff in there. I guess content will build out again as people ask questions, etc.

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Agreed. It’s a real downer, losing all the old Disqus comments underneath each lesson on the website. It was a quick way to learn relevant info and top tips from the learning community. It’s very early days looking at this new system but already it feels too overwhelming like a lot of my time is being wasted on irrelevant things.

A better solution would have been to make the Disqus comments read only for a period.

Hi @lynuslynne
Sorry you’re feeling like you’ve lost out and overwhelmed.
New and valuable content is being created all the time as new questions with new answers get posted.

To navigate, try viewing by category rather than by latest. Pick and choose where you visit and make it relevant to what you want to find.

Cheers :blush:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Moderator

Lyn welcome to the Community.

From experience the information on the website posts will resurface, as the same questions get asked again and again. The old forum went back over a decade and similarly those kind of responses have been lost. But in less than a month those repeat questions are coming back, as are the answers. So it will not take too much time to build back up again. But Justin wanted a clean start so to speak.

If you find it overwhelming just stick to the topics related to your current practice routine. There is no need to read every post that pops up. Just stick to what is relevant. But the key thing you now have, is the support of a very experienced and knowledgeable community, who perhaps rarely replied on the website, so bringing the two environments is a win win for everyone.

Why not say hello to folks here and tell as little more about your journey.



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Hi Richard,

I clicked on Discussion from a specific lesson on the website but no comments appeared. Is that because no one has yet commented on that lesson via this new system? By the time they do, I will have moved on…

I will keep checking and keep hoping.

Thanks for replying.


Yes that will be the case. Do you have a specific question something you need help with ? If so add to the lesson you are referring to and no doubt it won’t take long before you get a response. Being a global community some is always someone active and should be able to help.



Hi Toby,

Ive just tried to Introduce myself but I cannot even work out how to create a new post under that section. Are you able to help please?


Thanks. I tend to prefer to lurk in the background rather than post. By looking at existing comments it often helped me with my own questions, questions I didn’t even know I had, top tips etc.

Time will no doubt heal.


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Lyn no problem.

Under the search magnifiying glass you’ll see +New Topic.
Hit that and it will open an diaglogue box with a header, what ever you want to call it “Hi Lyn from mmbmbmb” and the main body to write in. You will see a preview panel to the right, so you can check your comments before hitting reply.

Oops better check are you on a phone or browser ?

Hope that helps :sunglasses:

On the phone New Topic is under All Tags

Edit apologies for truncating your name Lynne. :cry:

Yes, some lessons have no new comments yet.
As Toby says …

Will the new comments appear under each lesson like the old, Disqus one’s? That was a great, immediate resource for each lesson. It’ll be a shame if we now have to navigate away from the lesson to see associated comments.

Welcome to the community Simon.
Yes the comment and questions will appear under the lessons. You can also ask or comment
under the lesson without having to log in to the community.

Ah thanks - that’s great news then. I actually think starting with totally new comments will be a plus as some of the lessons have been updated since the old Disqus comments were added. Also I was never happy with having to sign into Disqus with their separate privacy policy. This is a positive step I think :+1:

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