What happened to the planned lesson for RHCP Breaking the girl?

Whatever happened to the “breaking the girl” lesson by the RHCP? A page was set up for it some months ago and you can’t request it under “songs” as it thinks there is a lesson.


Is it coming, or is there a problem?

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Hello Peter and welcome to the community.
There is a ‘place value holder’ within the system for a lesson though it has no content yet so is obviously not in the public domain.
I’m not sure of its status and whether it is already filmed and arriving soon or part of a next batch that will be filmed in the new year.
Sorry I can’t help you further.
Cheers :smiley:
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Hello there! Thanks for letting us know about this; Justin has worked on that lesson but never released it - it’ll come one day!

May I ask where you found that URL so we correct the issue?

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Hi Laryne

I think I first saw it on “coming soon” under requests but it was then deleted. It was also under “other songs by the RHCP” with a difficulty rating of 10! (Even Frusciante songs aren’t that hard, so I think it was a place holder). That seems to have gone too.

I hope it comes soon. I’ll keep looking every Wednesday!
All the best