What helped me with up strums

I stopped watching my strumming hand and I practiced with another person. Jim is taking in person lessons and was asked to work on D D U U D so we worked on it together. We picked an easy chord, E, and counted out loud. We both made some mistakes but it helped us both.
I think I was really overthinking up strumming and trying too hard, but once I ‘let go’ it seems to have fallen into place for me.


Great stuff. It can be a challenge to learn that old faithful strum of D D U U D.

You talking about it brings back a happy memory.

When my wife saw the pleasure I was getting from learning and playing guitar she decided to learn the play the ukulele. And she loved it but could get the hang of old faithful. One morning she went upstairs to concentrate on it, similar to what you did. And I still hear her squeals of delight when she floated down the stairs “I can strum it! I can strum t!”