What I hate about electric guitars is their weight

My Yamaha Revstar Standard RSS02T Electric Guitar is 4 KG
Man too heavy. Don’t you guys get back pain ?

I have no idea what my Squier Strat weighs, but I don’t find it too heavy. Obviously there’s a big difference between acoustic and electric but you get used it quickly enough. People say the more wood, the better the tone and sustain, but I haven’t owned enough electrics to know if that’s true or not.

Back pain is more likely a sign for poor posture than a heavy guitar. I did used to get it, both sitting and standing, because like many learners I was hunching and staring at the fretboard. But now my posture is much improved, back straight, shoulders relaxed, no hunching, and I can play for hours with no issues at all. My fingers get sore long before my back.

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I don’t know how much either of my electric guitars weigh, but I know my Les Paul feels way heavier than my Mustang. I didn’t even think about weight when I first picked up the mustand but the first thing I noticed with the les paul is the weight. It’s not a huge problem for me though since I sit down 99% of the time that I’m playing.

I already started with a back problem, and hip and…etc…And I went from a Fender-player 3.7(?) to Prs-vela semi hollow 2.7 to Ibanez 2.36 kilos gone…I pick up the Ibanez and can play for hours a day… and about 1 hour on the PRS …and half an hour on the Fender before it really starts to hurt…So definitely think about your seating position, but you can’t always do something about that, in that case … go lighter :sunglasses:
There are also special cushions (justin mention one), chairs etc … Good luck and be careful with it …

Oh OK so expensive guitars are lighter ? Your Ibanez just approx 2 KG ? Good about the weight of a classical guitar :slight_smile: what is the model of that guitar?

Not at all. Some of the most expensive electric guitars in the world are old Les Paul’s which are notoriously heavy.



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It’s not always so that more expensive guitars are lighter. It depends on the model.
You can have a 4000€ SG, for instance that weighs more than a 6000€ Eastman hollow body.
A solid body guitar, depending on the type of wood used, (think wood density, which makes up for the weight), the thickness of the body, the type of wood (and density) used for the neck and the overall dimensions of the guitar, can make a pretty heavy guitar. This weight however, does things for the sound it makes. And then we have to look at the electronics involved. This all adds up. Of course electronics don’t add that much, but still.
Now hollowbody’s and semi hollows weigh less, because there’s less and thinner wood being used.
Again, this affects the sound they produce, ofcourse alongside the electronics that are being used when building said guitars.
But price isn’t what makes a guitar lighter.

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Hi ,
What Keith says…

and the one I play with:
Fender player 666 euro`s
PRS 1799
Ibanez Standard Q54-BKF Quest 998…

and all Gibsons i looked at they were more expensive than my Ibanez and were a little to a lot heavier (4+ kilos)

Most hollow bodies are heavier than my guitar and it is not hollow or semi hollow…slightly handicapped without head and buttocks …but solid body :smile:

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Yes from watching your posts it still plays and sounds fantastic. So would that be never judge a book by it’s cover and never judge a guitar by its absence of head & buttocks?

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My electric guitars aren’t very heavy, especially my SG is a very light guitar. The problem with that guitar is that the neck is heavier than the body so it has the tendency to neck dive but I solved that with using a suede strap. Otherwise it’s very lightweight and comfortable to play on. But on the other hand, solid pieces of wood with added electronics will always be heavier than an acoustic guitar.

There are versatile electric guitars that don’t weight thta much…

It’s not that they are heavy per se just I suspect that it’s heavy relative to your acoustic AND perhaps you don’t play it as much. My view is the opposite. I play my electric all the time for hours on end no problem… my acoustic feels feather light :grinning:


Like going to a gym but more fun


Spent about 3 hrs on one of the LPs, don’t even think about the weight. Wide strap does the work while I rock on !! Simples.



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One of each brand, type, model and colour.


Neck and shoulder pain on left side where the strap hangs. Quite bad at the moment. Working through it by taking a break every 15 minutes or so and stretching. Using a heat-pack when it gets bad. I have started practicing scales without looking at the fretboard. Hopefully that helps.
It’s a Fender Strat.