What is in Martin guitar gig bag

Does any body know what does thing thing do in my Marting guitar Gig bag?
Why they have put that piece of extra cloth attached to the bottom? :slight_smile: Just curious


Probably nothing. :slight_smile:

Does it fold up? If so it’s to protect the interior from the strap button. If it doesn’t they put it there to drive you crazy worrying why it’s there.


forty two


Thank you Mr Prefect ! :wink:

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It folds up but it is driving me crazy :slight_smile: I am pulling my hair to find out the logic behind it :slight_smile:

It will be what Stitch said then. Lift it up when you put the guitar in, so it sit between the strap button and the case lining.


It protects the case lining from the strap button especially if you’ve added a metal strap lock


My Martin GPCX2 came with a nice gig bag, but the strap button protector patch is sewn all the way around, so it never flaps out of place.

A manufacturing defect in yours, perhaps?

One strange thing about my guitar…it comes with a strap button as standard, but it is NOT installed at the factory - the shop has to glue it in for the customer.

Not sure why…to prevent damage in shipping? Some customers hate strap buttons? :man_shrugging:

I got the shop to replace the two strap buttons on my last acoustic with strap locks before they delivered it me. On the acoustic before that I would have had to get them to modify it or use something like a MusicNomad Acoustilok. I do prefer having proper strap locks fitted.

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