What is the difference between hyperlink and #?

If you want to link to another topic/post within the site, it appears there are two options. A hyperlink using the little ‘chain link’ icon or using a # and the topic/post title.

What is the difference between those methods and is one better than the other under different circumstances?

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My understanding is that hashtags are used to identify sources of similar interests whereas hyperlinks are links to a specific article or content.


A hyperlink will generate a ‘onebox’ link with a preview and can be used to link topics, categories, or even posts, like so:

Whereas using tags will make the link look like this #new-community-issues-and-questions and is typically used to quickly link to categories from what I gathered.

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To add to Ivan’s reply.

I think the ‘onebox’ is created if you copy and paste a hyperlink.

If you use the ‘chainlink’ approach then you get just the hyperlink in the post, with the option to type something more descriptive than the URL.

As Ivan said, the “#” is used to link to a category. What I haven’t figured out is how to add the the sub-categories. I’m going to try to link to the Guitar Challenges sub-category: #all-about-your-music:guitar-challenges

OK got it, type the “#” and then start typing the name of either a category or a sub-category. If you select a sub-category then the parent category is automatically included.


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