What is your 'favorite chord' and why

Mine is Em. I like the sound of it. I like that I can put both my fingers down at one time. I like that I can change from other chords to it and stay in time.


G Maj 7 and the way it sounds in a ii V I progression

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B7 has the magic sound for me


Asus2 and Dsus2 for me. I love how the high e string rings out on both chords.


Am. No idea why!


I would add the Amin in a progression right now , probably change later with new chords adding to the repertoire.


I like all the chords, they are my musical children and to choose one over the others would upset the entire household. I also try to play the chords that I use in at least three different ways/positions. Your favorite Emin chord takes on different qualities when played elsewhere on the fretboard. It is a dang good chord for sure. :slight_smile:


I should have mentioned I am only in Grade 1 of Justin’s lessons.

Am and in extension C major, both in their ‘open’ variation. There are so many ways to decorate those chords on the fly when fingerpicking; adding or lifting fingers, passing notes, usable open strings etc.

I can’t say I have 1 favourite chord that is closer to my heart and ears than all other chords. I like major and minor 7th chords a lot. However, a few weeks ago I “fumbled upon” x03200 which I decoded as A#5sus2 (probably someone else can find a more straightforward name for it).* It has a sort of mysterious and enigmatic quality and I like strumming it when I can’t think of anything else.


*Edit : it’s an Fmaj7b5/A. Need to work on my quadads :slight_smile:

Another one I found some time ago is xx2032 that I think is an Em7add9. It has a jazzy feel to it.


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I just heard these chords, all new to me, with the exception of D. After a sharp intake of breath, then almost fainting with bliss, my belly went to jelly, I’m in heaven.

Screenshot 2022-12-26 114508

These are from another guitar teacher’s site, so I won’t link. @TheMadman_tobyjenner you may recognize the format.

Like @tony B7 is also a fave.

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It’s difficult to answer the question when it’s so broad. Much of it depends on where it’s placed and in which song. I love B7 in the song Method Acting, in that case it’s also because I particularly like they lyrics that accompany the B7.


Right now I am liking Bmin, it brings in a nice edge. But really I am with @LievenDV and Amin to Cmaj, so sweet and versatile.

Em sounds great, as our standard tuning on guitar is Em11. Nice thread btw.

Personal favourite chord on standard tuning would be Gadd9. It sounds lovely.

Of course with alternative tuning it opens up whole world of different fingering and unbelievable good open string chords. I am still learning from my finger-style “sensei”, they can always come up with mind blowing techniques and splendid chords on acoustic guitar.

Cmaj7 sounds really nice for me, and easy to play!! I use it instead of C quite a lot.


I don’t think I have one :woman_shrugging::blush:

You nearly had me there Maggie, I was about to give up but realized I’ve never visited his site but just followed his YouTube channel (if I am right). Would a little more look like this ?

There’s some tension in that progression for sure! Cool. Now I’m on a hunt for the rest of this !


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@TheMadman_tobyjenner yes Toby Jenner you’re right :star2: Try the outro in his lesson on Kiss From a Rose. Hugs to you dear Toby, it takes time to adust :service_dog:

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Em is nice for sure. You get the root note in 3 different octaves for the price of one strum on a very easy grip :smiley:

For my favourite chord, I think I would have to give it to Am7 in the key of G major.

I don’t have “the one” chord I love, but some chords I like more than others, as there are Fmaj7, C, C/G, Cadd9, Am and recently discoverd a F#m, sounds so sweet to my ears. My bluesy ears also like the 7th chords.