What just happened?

Less than an hour ago, this forum app was fine. Then I opened it again just now and all print is white! On a white background, so I couldn’t read anything.

I have changed to dark mode, where fortunately, the print is still white.

But I didn’t change anything. Wierd.

type a reply and all will be revealed lol.


Oh, now the print in dark mode is blue. Very hard to read.

But just before I posted this, the print was white! We have gremlins I fear!

Well, dark mode didn’t really work, as the print is blue. But light mode is back to normal now. How strange.

The site is currently being worked on,…strange things just happened to my laptop screen,…

Seeing similar weird things happening via Chrome.
Who’s working on it Roger ? It wasn’t broken 30 minutes ago.

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:joy: :rofl: :rofl: :joy:

I had this too, this week, just a white blank screen appeared. I needed several attempts to get some text. As I was in the mountains, I thought it was my internet connection. But after a few hours everything was normal again.

If someone is working on the forum themes (possibly in response to the recent enquiries about the dark theme) and accidentally commits the changes to the live site before they’re finished, this is what happens. Simple mistake, but nothing to worry about.