What level of guitarist are you article by Justin

Hi Michael, thanks for sharing this.

I started basic fingerstyle pattern practise followed by sixteenth note strumming from day one. That does not make me an instant intermediate player lol.

“Beginner”, “intermediate” and “advanced” thing is just a easy way we want to categorize the lessons into, depends on the insructors some lessons might be deemed too hard, or easy, so the teachings are categorize in such a way. Justin’s course are well planned and we could follow it at ease, and at our pace.

If I want to learn something I would dive into specific thing and learn it, quoting the words from Fred Trump:
Get in.
Get it done.
Get it done right.
And get out.

Hope it helps! =)

What level am I?


Of course, you’re so rock and roll!


And “your” day is also November 11th here in the Netherlands :smile:

My wife thinks I’m the highest level of happiness, that’s a box I like very much :innocent:

By the way, I like the grade system the way Justin uses it, but I think that goes for everyone here :sunglasses:



You’ll always be number one in my heart. :wink:

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Not 42 Brian ?

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Hi Toby ,
Nice to add the 4 :laughing:

I miss a lot here :upside_down_face:, but because of you Brian I looked up number 11 on you-tube and that scared my sensitive heart for a while :scream:



I read that Justin says that advanced players are 1 to every 100 beginners. I wonder how many advanced players are on here?

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St. Martin’s Day??? :thinking:

Don’t go all meta on me Toby, I’m strictly a rock’n’roll by numbers guy :wink:


I’m glad this topic came about because I have absolutely no idea where I lie; My sense of confidence on a given day determines my own perception of where my skill level is :person_shrugging:

I think perpetual beginner describes me best. I lack discipline and I’m aware. Relationship with my metronome is still on the rocks. But then again I could probably practice for years with a click but anxiety will drive my strumming hand down harder than any tick or snare.

I’ll always admire those who are technically (mechanically?) talented while simultaneously scoffing internally from jealousy :face_exhaling:

But at the end of the day, well, guitar got me through the the thick mud so. Hoo hah.

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Actually, November 11 is the start of the carnival season at 11 past 11 am
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I’m 100% there with you Todd. Justin alludes to the lesser structure in his Grade 2 consolidation video. It’s the reason I decided to do my rock songbook study after the very structured grades and moving into the more loosely structured ones. It’s a way of having a “North Star” to always guide myself where I’m going. I’d suggest you do something like that as you inch towards those grades.

Justin somewhat has that built into his grades too. In grades 4 & 5 he has some very structured blues lessons that would get you really far if that’s what you’re interested in. But if blues isn’t your thing Justin has a ton of genre songbooks (like the rock one I’m using) that can serve a similar purpose.

It’s not a one and done decision either. As justin says in the video I mentioned, if you follow the blues path and find that you’re falling out of love, take a holiday in rock or folk fingerstyle. Maybe you realize you want to live there for a while and go back to blues next year. I think what he’s saying in the article is less, pick your thing and stick with it and more dont try to learn everything all at the same time.


I think that more than the label, grading myself helps to direct my learning, manage my expectations and enjoy what I’m doing now. An advanced beginner would be what I think could better describe my level.

My own thinking would be:

I would add also being able to play something with another musicians without preparing myself months ahead.


I am far away from getting out there in the real world, but I guess I would consider myself as an intermediate player. Hopefully not too bold of me but I definitely grasp new things a lot quicker than I used to! :grinning:

Are you part of it Gordon since you have a screenshot?

Hi Adi. No I’m not a member of the ‘Class of 23’. I joined the Facebook group just to see what it was all about but I don’t follow the group at all now. As it’s Facebook it’s a continuous steam of questions, answers, opinions, comments. The usual stuff but very difficult to follow.
Imagine if the Community forum only had one thread and all the questions, answers, songs, replies etc etc were all mixed up one after the other in the one continuous thread.


Wow I am surprised it is an opened group for anyone to view regardless if they are a member! :thinking: thanks for clarifying Gordon

I noticed that the article mentioned in Guitar World was originally from Guitar Techniques. I checked the subscription in my Guitar Techniques app and found it in the April 2023 issue. Justin has been writing a Food for Thought column in GT since June 2016 and looking back, the first column on the 6 types of practice was used as the basis of the first lesson in the new Grade 3. Justin has a few videos based on those columns in his Food for Thought section on the website (in the Explore tab).


A spy in the class :wink: Did you learn anything?

Interesting topic. I think unless you’re a master of all trades then classification you could be a bit of beginner, intermediate and advanced.

How do you know he hasn’t enrolled in the class and just trying to keep it hush hush… he may have just slipped up there and let the cat out of the bag :roll_eyes: