What makes you quit?

This is 100% me! I’m all over a new hobby while I’m seeing results then as I plateau something else catches my eye. I refuse to give up on guitar though because I have invested a lot of time and money into it.
I just hate when I find I’m doing the same mistakes two years after starting. I suppose this blinkers me from seeing the progression I may have made.
Maybe I’m a slow learner when it comes to guitar and things don’t drop into place like with other things.

So pleased for you.
Such a shame you missed out on all those years because you hadn’t find the right style or teacher for you.

When I initially quit guitar around 15 years ago, my attempted learning was from a book and long before I even knew about learning guitar on-line was possible.
The books didn’t motivate me and quickly I stopped learning. The worst being I convinced myself it was not possible for me learn guitar.
Now sometimes I struggle to keep motivated and convince myself that I am making progress. Last week I almost quit after recording myself and playing it back. But I enjoy playing and I am determined to succeed on this journey.