What pedal gives this guitar effect?

Please see here

After he presses a button apparently on Boss RC-300 he has this guitar effect. I thought Boss RC-300 does not have effect ? NO

he uses the following pedals in the recording Strymon Bigsky, Strymon Timeline, Boss OC3, Joyo British

Check it out at 4:11…after he finishes playing and kicks his Looper back on you see his right leg kick down to turn his effects on and get ready for the solo. He’s not playing at all between 4:11-4:30.

Just to be clear his pedal FX are on the left of the screen as we watch it and his looper on the right. The looper has no fx built it.

I play on a classical guitar Nylong strings so does that mean I am deprived of all those wonderful pedals? It seems to me he is using Joyo British? right?

Unfortunately yes. You would need pick ups but they are effectively magnets that pick up the vibration of metal strings. The disturbance in the magnetic field is then converted to an electrical signal and sent the amp which “decodes” it back to sound. Thats the simple version.

I have electric classical guitar also I have classical silent guitar . Do you mean in this case I am fine to buy them?