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Hi All. I’m confused so I thought it best to ask, my apologies in advance if something is staring me in the face that explains all this but…
I signed up to the Justin guitar app and am happily working my way through module 1 and thought the app mirrored the web site but my log in didn’t work on the site so now I have two accounts? Is that correct? There seems to be more on the site than the app should I therefore be following the site or the app for lessons etc? I’m sure it’s obvious but I just can’t see it
Thanks in advance


Welcome to the Community, Darren, and apologies never necessary when asking questions.

You are correct. The App and your account with Musopia is separate from JustinGuitar website and your account there. Justin and Musopia work in partnership but at this stage the two are not integrated.

Again correct. For lessons it is better to follow the site for the reason you mention. The primary purpose of the App is to enable the learning of songs. But having the lessons there is an added bonus which some find really helpful.


@Frattonblue Good query, was wondering myself, hadn’t got into it that deeply because I’m still waiting on my guitar to arrive. Saved me some right there.

@DavidP Ahh thanks for that extra info! Answered a question I also had :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome Darren.

David has summed it up for you.

It may help to know the history.

Justin imagined the App as a karaoke play-along tool to supplement and complement the thorough beginner courses on the website.
It became so popular and the working relationship with the app developers Musopia so fruitful that the possibility of including some beginner course video lessons was explored and brought to life.
The website always was and always will be where the bulk of the beginner material is located. The lessons have the videos plus written content plus tabs plus downloadable files in some places. The app has developed and expanded incredibly though and many people use it only to learn from, not fully realising that the website offers additional content.
Where the app shines and offers something the website does not is the play-along functionality - the raison d’etre and original purpose of the app.

The account and passwords are different because you buy the app subscription through Google Play or App Store which are not linked to justinguitar dot com website.



Welcome to the Community Darren.
And of course almost all the website lesson content is free of charge.

Thank you everyone for your answers and putting me straight. Now the easy bit of learning to play :joy:

Hello Darren and welcome to the community. :slight_smile: