What should my 2nd guitar be?

Hi all
looking for some advice. I currently have a Yamaha Pacifica 112v which I’m reliably told is a very decent beginner/intermediate guitar. The wife has offered to buy me another guitar for our anniversary, so who am I to say no to that?

trouble is what to get…

Initially I was just going to go for a Fender Strat, however given I already have a strat ‘type’ in the Yamaha should I go for something else. I generally listen to indie/rock so thinking maybe a Les Paul type but open to suggestions.

Budget around £600, any ideas/recommendations?

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Why not go acoustic ? Opens up a whole new world.


I second an acoustic but if electric then an Epiphone Gold Top les Paul (yes please) style----different sounding to Yamaha


Butterscotch blonde tele :rofl: sounds great, coolest looking :grin:


If you go acoustic, Alvarez Masterworks are a very good choice, but there are many many different others to choose from. You need to go a guitar shop and touch some that catch your eye, sit with them, play and feel and listen. :smiley: :sunglasses:


Go to your nearest candy store and sample everything they have.
Buy the one you can still taste in your mouth the next day :smiley:


well thats thrown the cat among the pigeons with an acoustic.
I do actually want one, but tbh I wont spend that much on one when I do so think for the purposes of getting something to budget will stick with electric for now


and this.

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That’s fine get one now, spend less. The remind your missus down the line how much you saved on your second and maybe that could go towards a third :rofl: And believe me there is likely to be third and a fourth (better stop there). Simples.


haha might be a good plan, I’ll try n get it in writing from her

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See the problem here is I am very much a beginner, and I could pick up anything in that shop and not have a clue if it’s any good or not. I’d probably struggle to play a few chords in front of people haha

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mostly this:

I also considered the following when researching mine:

  • Different pickup style (you have HSS now)
  • Different or same neck (as you prefer)
  • Scale length (you have 25.5" now)
  • Fretboard radius (same or something new - yours is 13.5" now)
  • Do you want a tremolo bar
  • Weight (hollow body, solid body, super thin?)
  • Tone! - listen to sound samples, but be aware that the amp used is part of that
  • for the songs you have on your dreamer list, what style guitar is common

I have three now:

  1. First is a PRS Tremonti SE after a disastrous purchase of a budget guitar. It has HH pickups and is very pretty for clean and classical style stuff as well as able to do distorted metal or crunchy blues.
  2. Second is an Ibanez HSS SEW761, strat style, and is my go-to for blues with pick or fingers.
  3. Third is a nice-to-have Epiphone SG, split coil pickups, phase inversion switch, and very chimey sounding compared to the PRS. Does AC/DC very well as you might expect.
  4. I have looked at acoustic, but I live in a climate that would require me to take special care with humidity. I like having my guitar out and ready for me to grab, so keeping it in a controlled environment sounds like I would never play it. I have also tried a few, and the neck would take a lot of getting used to as well as the string action!

Funny. I have a Tele and an electric Gretsch. I also have a Breedlove acoustic and I probably play the acoustic 50% of the time or more. Have fun shopping.

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You know, I tried that a couple months ago, and being as I only knew about 4 chords at the time and couldn’t play anything song-like, this did me no good whatsoever. And none of the stores seemed to have anyone to play one for me, or even speak to me (Guitar Center? pfft!) I was looking for an acoustic.) I will try again at some point when I travel to a place with actual guitar stores).

But back to the OP. I also have a strat, a Squier, bought from Amazon, and was hoping to find myself a nice acoustic for playing some John Denver, etc style music. And once I get “really good” (okay reasonably better? I want to get a nicer sounding electric. But if you really prefer the sounds of electric then sure, get something else but if you can play more than 4 chords, it will be easier to try them out. :rofl:


Then don’t waste your money on another guitar. But it in a guitar account and when you feel confident enough to go to a music store and try out everything with in your budget that’s when you buy a new guitar. If you add $50 a month to the account in a year you’ll have $1200 for an even nicer 2nd guitar.


Very sensible, but wheres the fun in that! :rofl: :rofl:


Hi MrPB,
I have a Strat and a Les Paul.
Both great as for purpose, i.e. single coils and humbucker.
I have a very old Epi D something acoustic, with a lovely tone but I missed “messing” with effercts so I treated myself to a Fender T-Bucket electro acoustic.
Really opens up a massive range to explore and if, you just want pure Acoustic you have it.
The T-Bucket is quite old by now but the new ones dont seem to be a huge price difference.
Just a idea to play with and apologies to all if this has already been suggested.

Enjoy whatever you get.

Sorry edited my spelling :roll_eyes:


Also, maybe not as romantic as your wife getting a guitar (the thing she sees you holding) but consider if you want to improve on whatever amp you have, or pedals?

I would not go that route, but worth at least a quick thought to see if it is for you. My wife would definitely want to see the guitar. The amp is just that thing off to the side. :rofl:


Then I’ll never buy another guitar.

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The next one should be as different as possible compared to your first one, while still being something you’d like.

Humbuckers - Coil-splits - Single-coils - P90’s - Filtertrons
Solid body - Hollow body
Electric - Acoustic
Double-cut - Single-cut
24.75" - 25" - 25.5" scale lengths
Rosewood - Maple - Ebony fretboard
S-type - T-Type - LP-type - Flying V - etc. body shape
7.5" - 9" - 12" neck radius


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