What songs are you working on?


I think this is mainly down to practice performance and rehearsing how the performance will go. At the early Open Mics I would always have SetlistHelper or SongbookPro on a tablet on the desktop to follow both chords and lyrics. After a few shows it was there just in case, then tail end of last year the lyrics just seemed to fall into place. Do it often enough and the synapses will stay connected.



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Working on all sorts of things. Nothing specific, just what I need for practice at the time.

I wish!!

Thanks Toby!

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I think I have officially spent more time on “Wish You Where Here” than David and Roger…:roll_eyes:

Working on the fourth song for Grade 1 - The Last Time by the Rolling Stones a song from my past.
Giving serious consideration to John Denver’s Country Roads next, if you had asked me a year ago would not have given it a second thought. Learning to play guitar has certainly change what I am interested in.

That’s great to hear you have flexibility in your choice of songs.

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I’m working on:

While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Beatles
Norwegian Wood - Beatles
Greensleeves fingerstyle chord melody

First two I’ve pretty much licked but the third one is not up to speed. Going to find another couple to work on soon.

Great choices thanks for sharing. Sometimes picking something random that you’ve never thought of playing could be a good challenge too. Can’t go wrong with the Beatles though. How could a billion fans be wrong?

Yes, I surprised myself, it has become all about songs, which is what Justin encourages.:+1:

Looking forward to hearing that, Michael. I may then piggyback and learn it myself if it doesn’t look too scary and perhaps OK to play and sing, being one of those colours-nailed-the-mast lovers of the Stones.


Take a look at Tik-tok … billions of views and viral videos that I think should’ve never seen the light of day :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Obviously I am not suggesting that is the case with The Beatles, even as a music lover who picks the Stones albums from their hey-days over the Beatles. But personal taste is well personal, so if you love poppy rock 'n roll evolving to more progressive, summer of love, psychedelic music then Beatles up with the best but my preference would be the early Stones r 'n b covers and their big 4 albums which I might describe as americana-inspired rock.

Now back on topic track, I am working a Stones tune at the moment, super simple song that fits my play-grade :grin:

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David early days yet, just started to memorise the words and work out the chords from the app, so far looks ok, the only challenge for me is that I want use OF for strumming and there is a change of chords in the bar not done it with that pattern. I am using DDDUDU in Bad Moon Rising and the chords change in some bars, as a beginner it has taken me a while get used to that.
Strange how the choice came about. When I started Justin’s lesson at the beginning of the year and joined the community, in my introduction I said there was no way I was going sing, certain community members persuaded me otherwise. Never having sung in my life my only chance was lessons. It was the teacher who had me sing a shortened version and of course the chorus is instantly recognisable for somebody who started to listen to music in the 60’s. At that time at school you had to be either a Beatles or a Stones fan, could not be both, as when asked by certain individuals you had to give the right answer otherwise there was consequences, of course I liked both so had tread a fine line.
Michael :+1::grinning:


That’s OK, Michael, I’m not going anywhere, happy to wait for a freebie :grin:

That was not an issue in my school days. Did crop up in my first job. The senior manager in the programme I worked on often used to ask new comers the question around the tea-trolley (goodness that dates me) and while there were no serious consequences, it did shape perceptions of your character. For him, Stones was the right answer. In my case, to colour my flag … I love the Stones and frequently binge the Great 4, and like the early Beatles, quite satisfied with listening the Red compilation album and one or two from the Blue.

This :smiley:
I heard this John Lennon song for the first time on the radio the other night.
I’m getting quicker at downloading the lyrics & chords from UG and programming the Trio+.
(I included a section for Chris to add in a solo if I can persuade him and might even do a Reaper mix down the line.)
Snoop Dogg says “Drop it like it’s hot”.
I’m afraid this is raw! :rofl:

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Nothing wrong with a little musical tartare or sushi, Brian. But seriously, seemed well cooked to me and see no reason for it not to be in AVOYP, given that I think it is beyond a WIP. Let’s put it this way, by my personal standards it is well done.

Brought to mind “You can’t handle the truth”

And I’ll not venture down any line of philosophical exploration of ‘truth’.

It is interesting you mentioned learning a rolling stones song. The professional guitarist I mentioned in the beginning of the post recommended I learn something from the stones and that those songs are very fun and rewarding. Honestly, I am not quite old enough to remember either when they were in their prime. Bands like Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Poison, and G n R were more from my generation. I actually met Joe Elliot and some of the band around 1999 after one of his shows. I remember he towered over me in size when I shook his hand. I was also in awe that a guy could play drums with one arm. I still can’t play any of their songs on guitar with two lol. Someday. Baby steps right? A year ago I thought there was no way I could play and sing and each post is getting better as time progresses. Good luck with the stones.

Hi Brian,

I think the spontaneous songs sometimes come out the best. You did a great job with it and watching you it does not seem to be too difficult to learn to play. I like the phrenology statue you have on the desk-pretty cool.


And that’s the beauty of recordings :grin: I was born in '65, just learning to walk and talk as the Stones hit their prime, Jeff. Other artists worth listening to were dead before I was born. But I hear you, musical taste is primarily shaped by the music listened to in one’s earlier years.

If you have the time and interest, perhaps listen to some of the great albums: Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile On Main Street, and for the live performance of that time Get Yer Ya Yas Out.

@DavidP @SDKissFan

Sadly I am old enough to remember the arrival of the Stones it caused quite a stir at the time with “the older generation “ especially the antics of Mick Jagger however to us teenagers it was magic