What started you off

Well, not counting wanting to learn as a kid which went nowhere, (and I figured it was from watching the Monkees on TV, I was 9 then), it would be Black Friday 2022 when the hubby announced suddenly that he was getting himself a bass guitar from Amazon because he always wanted to learn. Thirty plus years of marriage and I had no idea.

About 5 minutes later, I thought, well if he can do that, I can do that! So, I immediately bought a cheap Squire from Amazon which came in December but I didn’t find Justin really till January, and that’s my official start. :smiley:

What pulled me back to playing guitar after some years off was hearing SRV’s version of Little Wing on the radio back in 1999. After that I decided to get an electric guitar and amp and bought every blues book and magazine featuring the blues, every SRV CD and many blues CDs. That is why I put G99 in my name, it was such a watershed event. Now with Justin I can finally learn the blues.

I started to learn because I read in AARP magazine that when you get older, (I’m 68), it’s good to learn something new. I’ve been taking Justin’s Beginner Grade Course 1 since December 8th last year. Ultimately, I would like to play “20 Years” by The Civil Wars. That might take a few years to accomplish.

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