What started you off

What started your interest in playing guitar for me as a 10yo in 1966 it was Apache by the shadows still love that music even now.


A dare, in January to play 2 tunes by June. I too love the Shadows and rock and roll. I have just found I like some Blues as well.

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For me joined a band in 1975 to meet girls. It worked. 40 years for the misses and me last May.


The urge to play, in addition to listening, came after watching the Stones concert film ‘Let’s Spend the Night Together’ as a varsity student in 1984, the coolness of Keith.

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The devil made me do it :smiling_imp:

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Literally 3 decades ago, to be able to play & sing for my kids… at least the singing worked out back then!!! :rofl:
Guitar, still working on that! Maybe I’ll be able to play for the grandkids though!!! :blush:


Bocchi the Rock, lol.

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I needed a hobby once I stopped playing team sports. I had dabbled around when I was younger and always intended to go back once I finished playing competitive sport.

Ha, a ukulele and covid.

Interest in playing? From a super early age of listening / hearing bands my elder brother was into at the time, REM, Smiths, Wonderstuff, Prince, Iron Maiden…too many to mention really.
Actually getting me going was covid, like so many others, but I have stayed with it thanks to JG and JGC unlike a couple of previous failed attempts about 20 years ago.

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Played many instruments over the years of my youth, organ. Piano, sax, and various others. Gave up music for sports, then motorcycles then cars, older wiser and back to music which I never should have left in the first place. Now that kids are leaving the house I can go back and rediscover my first love

Seeing Eddie Van Halen onstage with Van Halen when I was young. :scream:

I bounced off a few times in my life but yeah watching Bocchi the Rock inspired me to pick it up again. What a show!

When I was a teen in the mid-80s I met a friend who had a Japanese-made Fender Strat with a single bridge humbucker. He had a Peavey practice amp and a few pedals. I thought it sounded awesome, and was pretty much immediately hooked.

As a Floyd fan the ability to play Wish You Were Here.

I have always loved music and rock and metal in particular but I thought you had to be some kind of wizard to play the guitar.
When I finally decided that I wanted to learn I did some research on internet and found Justins videos on YouTube and that’s what made me decide to start learning.
It’s good to have a dream but it’s better to have a plan!


My eldest sister bought me a red toy guitar back in Christmas 78 and that planted a seed. Took a while to grow but it got there.

Hard to say what started me off.
Hard to think back that far. :wink:

I’m thinking it was the Beatles. I remember listening to them with the next door neighbor back in '64 or '65. I’m pretty sure the neighbor had the album ‘Help’. We listened to that in the car port on a armstrong portable record player. That record just hit home with me. Still does for that matter.

I was 4 or 5 when I heard that. It was inspirational music to me and I wanted to do it too.
As soon as music was offered in school. I was off to the races. If I remember right. I played sax when school offered music. I think that was prior to picking up guitar which I think I did around 10 when my folks got me my first guitar for Christmas. Amazing I continued on with the guitar as that first guitar was only bordering on being a instrument.

Seeing Dire Straits playing with Clapton at Mandela’s 70th birthday concert on TV in 1988.

Knopfler’s playing on ‘Brothers in Arms’ was so powerfully emotional on that stage* that I gave up fancying myself as a wannabe keyboard player (I couldn’t play more than 2 chords :rofl:) and started turning my attention towards 6 strings instead. I didn’t get around to buying my first guitar until 2 years later with my first student grant cheque however … ! :crazy_face:

*I still always opt to watching that particular concert on YT for when I want to listen to BIA. Throw in ‘Sultans’ and Clapton’s little solo on ‘Money For Nothing’ (I’m sure he breaks a string during it and plays on …?) and it sends me back being 16 with no cares in the world. Happy days.

Cat Stevens. I learned to sing and play every song on “Tea for the Tillerman”.