What Strings should I buy

Hi everyone, newbie here. I am in Uk, have an East Coast G1CE steel string acoustic guitar. I am a beginner (although have played Ukulele for several years). My guitar has the strings it came with and I want to get some spares ready for it. Can anyone advise make and gauge suitable, thanks.

My favourite strings are the coated strings, ClearTones or Elixirs. I use the light gauge, 12/53 on the guitars I have that are similar to yours, on my smaller guitars I use extra light gauge 11/52.

I like the coated strings myself for 2 reasons, the sound is fairly bright and they last a LOT longer than uncoated strings.

Hi Linda. Strings can be a very personal choice and you’ll get as many opinions as there are members of this community.
Do a search for guitar strings using the search button on the forum and you’ll get a load of results.
Justin also has some advice here.

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Thank you, thats helpful info.

Strings are like picks… you should try a bunch of different types to find the ones that are right for you. (Over time obviously… not all in the same day! :wink:)

If you are a newbie, finger pain might be a concern.

Several of us have had good results with Silk and Steel type strings…more comfortable until your calluses develop!

Thanks for that, no finger pain as I play electric steel string Ukulele, just after a good brand and gauge sizes.

Do you know what gauge of string is on your guitar at the moment? Do you have any issues with the string gauge your using at the moment? As Gordon says strings can be a personal choice. Some people like coated strings, some people don’t. As Ross says it’s a matter of trying different ones over a period of time until you find the ones that work for you.

I have started recording same chords over audacity, same Mic, same distance on new guitars and archive them for my reference so I know for sure what string will sound best on my guitar .
After a year recording many strings will give me a good idea :slight_smile: