What to learn

Hello all. I am new to playing, and I have a question. Does anyone know any easy, slow, and downbeat guitar song to learn? Thanks

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Preferably for acoustic

Are you taking Justin’s beginner course? He has 113 grade 1 songs I’m sure you could find something you like there. What king of music do you like? Makes it easier to recommend something.

Idk exactly what genre you would consider it but I like stuff like the Beatles and generally just rock that isn’t to loud.

Here’s the Beatles section on the website. Scroll through there’s 5 or 6 grade 1 songs.

Thank you!

Just checked the Beatles link and it posted al the songs on the site. Just type in Beatles in the search to bring them up. The grade level is beside each song.


knocking on heavens door by Bob Dylan . Guns and Roses did a cover.
Heart of Gold . Neil Young . A Hard Days Night Beatles. House of the rising sun .The Animals. Live forever. Oasis.

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Thank you so much. I’m gonna do House of the Rising Sun first, it’s my favorite out of all of those. I appreciate it

Thank you. The quickest way to get chords down is to do the Spiderwalk. Start at the low E string 5th fret place 1st finger down and hold. 2nd finger 6th fret hold down. 3rd finger on the 7th and hold down .4th finger on the 8th fret and hold down. Then release all four fingers go to the 8th fret 1st finger and repeat the same exercise down the string. You can move across to the A sting 5th fret and repeat . Then D string 5th fret. G, B. high E. This strengthens all four fingers . You will progress a lot quicker. If you fingers start hurt stop and rest. Do this for about 5 mins every day.

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Thanks man