What to work on if I love this band?


I’ve played Jazz guitar for a number of years, and have recently found a band I love called Sucioperro.

Here’s an example of their sound: Spotify and Spotify

I have john petrucci’s Rock Discipline book, but can anyone suggest any books that i should buy?

Also just generally what are the techniques I should be practicing to develop my ability to play this style of music in the links above? Most is in Drop D too.

I’m aware of Power Chords, Palm Muting, Drone Riffs, Alternate Picking… If this is the style I’m interested in, what should I be developing?



Sounds like alternative rock or nu metal to me. For a heavier sound yeah power chords, palm muting and the like.

Justin has a module on rock for grade 2 where he teaches the basics of these techniques.

I’d also look through Justin’s song section for some heavier songs or just songs that use some of those techniques so that you can practice them. Like if your working on palm, Justin has a lesson on all the small things by blink 182, it’s punk and not super super heavy but it’ll def develop your palm muting. He also has some lessons for Metallica, Black Sabbath, rage against the machine. All heavier bands that use a lot of those techniques. You should immerse yourself in them and learn all the songs you can.

As far as books go, I’ve been using Troy Stetinas Metal rhythm guitar vol. 1 and 2. It also teaches these techniques starting from 0 and is loaded with practice examples. Each chapter ends with an original song study that Troy makes to use the techniques you learned. Here’s an example of one of the songs late in the method (it’s song 11/12, I’m highlighting this one cause it’s in drop d which you mentioned): Troy Stetina - Demons' Waltz - Metal Rhythm Guitar Cover - Song #11 - YouTube

It’s just some random guy on YouTube playing it but that’s other good thing about his books, they’ve been around a long time so people post videos on you tube of the songs. I’m on song 6 and have been posting all of the songs as I go through the book on this forum so check them out and see if your interested in learning from that book.

Check out this for starters: https://www.justinguitar.com/modules/master-rock-power-chords