What You Should and What You Would

here’s a song called “What You Should and What You Would”

just follow this link:

thanks for listening


Well played @docdanguitarman !! I really fell into your groove. It helps when you can tell the guitarist is right there, too!! Digged the basy lick…sounded wicked to me! I am not familiar with the song at all, but your rhythm and timing seemed to be smack on. Speaking of basy…what chords made that up? Figured it might be powerchords…but your fingering placement doesn’t seem to match up. Just curiosity sakes there!
Rock on, brother! Cheers! SOCIABLE! And peace out! :fist_left: :v: :sunglasses:

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Great guitar playing, and excellent singing.
Love this recording.

Thanks for the listen. It’s an original. Pretty simple I think. Capo on 3 then E-major shape gets you a G chord and slide to fret 5 (from capo) and mix in fret 4. Add the A7 and B7 shape for a slight blues feel and off you go. Thanks again

Ahhhhh…now it’s making sense to me. Well an excellent job you have done on this one. Keep it up! And thankyou for the explanation.

Rock on brother!
Cheers! SOCIABLE! And peace out! :v: :sunglasses: :fist_left:

Great ! The singing. The playing. Rhythm. Pitch. etc. This is a WOW.

Really good Danny, I enjoyed that. Great guitar and great vocal. Well done on writing an original too, most impressive.
Interesting use of your capo to create those chords.

thank you for checking it out

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thank you sairfingers
its fun for me to play

That’s kind of you
Thanks for listening

Digging the groove on this one Danny. Nice original. Good singing and playing.

Hi Danny,
Really enjoyed that-
As I did all the songs you’ve shared in the Community so far.
You’re a talented songwriter and have the chops to perform your material well in an engaging way.
Bravo! :sunglasses:

That was excellent Danny. Very well played , really catchy lyrics and well performed. Enjoyed that a lot! :sunglasses:

Great song and great performance. The main chord riff is really catchy and you make the most of it. I think I’ll see you performing at Cafe Wha someday.

hey thanks much for the listen

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thank you for listening to it
sorry but what is “Cafe Wha”? i didn’t get that

appreciate your listening and the feedback

Danny, I really enjoyed that! I’m not familiar with the song, but I like it very much. This bluesey sound is fantastic. Great!

thanks for listening
its an original so you would never had heard
tx for + feedback

appreciate the listen thanks