What's the difference between Top & Latest?

What’s the difference between Top & Latest posts?

Top is most rated in last X hours/days.

Latest is latest active post :wink:

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I’m going to ask another question similar to this one but what is the difference between Latest and Unread, when most of my latest are unread? How do I mark the latest as read?

Latest is all posts New and Old that you haven’t read yet.
Unread is post that you have read the OP but others have posted since you last read the thread.

You have two choices 1)Read every post 2)Dismiss the posts you don’t want to read.
when you dismiss a post a window comes up so you can block it and it will never show up
When you first open the Forum click unread.
Scroll though the posts read the ones you are interested in. You will have to click Unread
after every post you read.
Once you’ve read the ones you want click unread and at the bottom right hand side click Dismiss
this will get rid of the rest of the unread posts. A window will pop up asking if you want to
stop tracking these posts. If you click the box they will never show up in the list again.

Last go to the hamburger menu and click New this will bring up any new posts.
Or you can click Latest the new post will be Black the old and Dismissed post will be Grey.


Thanks, Rick!!

@Richard_close2u @LievenDV I just tried the FAQ link on the hamburger and it doesn’t lead anywhere (at least doesn’t just hang anymore). I think we should consider starting an FAQ topic and posting explanations like RIck’s above that could be helpful to all?

Still hangs for me on mobile, goes into a loop.

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Thanks for the feedback, Darrell.

@Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team this was an issue raised from day one. It is probably on the backlog.


Just clicked it again it hung, not sure what I did last time that I got a different result :anguished:

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It’s me I broke it :joy::joy::joy:

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Correct - the FAQ has never worked. Hey, who needs it when we have such amazing and helpful people? :slight_smile:

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I did take note of the smile, but sometimes it is easier to point somebody to a pinned topic in an appropriate place than re-type the answer to an oft asked question … I know you were smiling and I’m being ever so serious …


OK, makes sense, thanks.