What's the JustinGuitar Grade System All About?

I developed the JustinGuitar Grade System to help you have a clear view of the learning pathway available to you. Read more.

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How many modules will Grade 3 have in the end?


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Hi Andrija,
Nobody will know that now,…will there be an end? :ghost:,…not as far as I’m concerned, I like it all :sunglasses:,…and sooner or later you will slide to the on the basis of some parameters to 4 …I don’t remember what has been said recently :upside_down_face:,… but when you have now reached the end you can safely go to the next one ,…and if there is something new come you just come back here again. :smiley:
I wish you a lot of fun,

Hah :slight_smile: Thanks for reply! I know it’s not really something desirable in art, but I am very by the book person and likes to follow the guidelines and the rules. Not really creative but I am already happy when I can learn some song with practice, and songwriting isn’t my goal anyway. It’s good stress relief. Anyway, I digress… I know that there is no end in learning guitar other that when you say it’s enough and you’re satisfied with your skills. I.e. for me it’s getting to some intermediate level. Not really interested in band playing, live playing, jazz and wanna stay strictly on acoustic guitar. As I said it’s one of my hobbies and won’t become more than that.

Still, it would be nice to know the number of modules as my humble opinion and suggestion to Justin is not to stuff too many modules in early beginner stages. When I heard that grade 3 will have 10 modules I was kinda shocked. Even tho many of people are like you and want as much as possible, for me it feels overwhelming to have 10 modules each over 2 hours long in just 3rd grade of Beginner lessons. It makes me feel overwhelmed. Since he is using Grades system anyway my humble opinion is he should rather spread lessons over grades than to overwhelm beginners like me with 10 modules already in Grade 3. It may sound like I’m rushing to you and to others, but whole point is that he uses grading system and I don’t think 10 or more modules in such early stages is encouraging. If there’s no grades system, ok, sure, just lump 2000 lessons in one, but again, my humble opinion is he shouldn’t stuff to many lessons in early stages. Makes me (and maybe some other beginners) feel overwhelmed. I am grateful for all those valuable resources, but this is only my suggestion and feedback.


What you say about too many classes in grade 3 and that it’s overwhelming, well you’re not alone in that and maybe it’s something for the team to break it down into smaller pieces…don’t ask me how?? ??..because to become a good guitarist who ends up playing songs for other people (and that’s the goal for most, and that’s the whole point for the most, Justin also says) a broad base is a great asset. …but depending on the style you want to learn and especially your goal with playing guitar, you can of course go through certain lessons a little faster ,and not make it perfect :shushing_face:, and so certainly look past some lessons and search for what you want and start that,…
certainly a little later in grade 3 you learn things that are best beyond a beginner grade (at least advancedbeginner :grin:) … there is just so much to discover with this piece of wood with some strings on it that an almost perfect schooling takes a lot of lessons,…and how to name or number it,…1: come up with the right solution for you,…2:pass it on to the justinguitar team,…3:patience,…because good things take time,…keep expressing your ideas because there we in the end we all get better from,…

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Thank you for the feedback, Andrija, I shall pass it on to Justin and Team.

I can’t answer the question on the number of modules. I do think that things start to become more flexible when you have completed Grades 1 and 2. I see Grade 3 as a bridging Grade between the two Beginner grades and the first of the Intermediate Grades, Grade 4. I think it is OK to pick and choose more from Grade 3 and you could also scan through what is offered in Grade 4 and pick some of those modules if they’d support your own journey more than say modules in Grade 3.

I think once you have laid a solid basic foundation in Grades 1 and 2, the adventure becomes far less linear. And even in Grade 2, when I did the equivalent, I skipped the Power Chord lessons as they held no appeal for me. A few years later I came back to that when I had a need.

8 modules, this was in the newsletter that came out earlier today:

For those of you asking, Grade 3 has 8 modules (from 15-22). I have all the lessons planned out, but there are 10 missings, plus the Tone series, which needs some work!


Thank you kindly for exact reply! Seems I turned off newsletter so didn’t get news! Thanks for info!

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That’s right! Grade 3 has 8 modules, and Justin’s almost finished all of them! :slight_smile:

Hi all, I’m new too the community and my question has been answered probably somewhere already.
How can you tell which grade is most suitable to start with?
Are there some test you could do on the site to check this?

I bought the beginner course and 2 intermediate courses a couple of years ago, and in the mean time I advanced quite a bit, (mostly fingerstyle) but I would not consider myself an advanced intermediate player yet.


The color grade system is genius.