What's the policy on linking to non-Justin content?

I saw a mod had deleted a link to some content outside of JustinWorld (think it was because it was a song lesson that Justin had already covered).

Spent a bit of time searching, and found the discussions in Dec '21, but no specific policy.

I’ve posted a couple of outside links, which are still up, AFAIK.

For example, I found this one was particularly helpful for me, as a supplement to Justin’s chord change exercises::


Note, I’m a paid App subscriber, and have no affiliation with James at GoodGuitarist. I just find his content sometimes complements Justin’s.

This is just MHO, of course, but I strongly believe this should be allowed…within reason.

In my case, the reason is usually “I tried Justin’s exercises, but needed more, and this worked for me. Maybe it will work for you too!”



I agree with your perspective. The tricky part of implementing such an approach is the ‘… within reason’.

This is the JustinGuitar Community, so the sharing of resources, either where filling gaps or complimentary is fine, marketing and pushing other channels and teachers would be inappropriate.

So with that in mind we keep an eye on things and hopefully will allow sharing within reason.

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That seems eminently reasonable, and is what I was hoping.

Thanks for the clarification!

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@DavidP has it right.
The mods discussed this just a few days ago as we had quite a spate of links to outside teacher content.

So long as it is supplemental to Justin’s lessons and can provide additional learning guidance, then we will be cool with those helpful links.
If it is something that presents a direct rivalry to Justin and his lessons that is not cool.
What I deleted today were links to other instructors teaching song lessons that Justin himself has lessons for on his site. The rationale behind the links was to demonstrate two different fingerings of a D minor chord. But, the rationale was not strong enough. Sufficient comment and advice had already been given on that issue without the links to external content being necessary.

Cheers :smiley:
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