Whats up everyone, I'm Jason from Arizona SW USA

Hey everyone I hope this is not too long.

I wanted to finally make an introduction page. I have been around since beginning of November 23 when I started my journey, mostly just lurked while I did the lessons. Slowly I started posting a few messages.

So my story is I am early 50s, my wife and I are now empty nesters. I picked the guitar up after my daughter moved to the dorms for her first year if collage at the University of Arizona. We had gotten her a guitar a number of years ago when she expressed interest, but she was always so busy she just never really played, so it sat up in her room for the last 2 1/2 years.

In November of 2023, after 2 months of the kid being gone, I decided that I might as well get some use out of that guitar and so I picked it up and found Justin. Off I went.

I sang as a kid in the Chicago children’s choir and the Tucson Boys chorus. I played a trumpet from 6th grad to HS where I played band and was in a drum and bugle Corp playing the 2 valve saprano. I had tried to put a band togeather in High School singing and playing guitar. My mom helped my buy an electric guitar, a mic and mic stand and an Amplifier. I had played for maybe a month and was trying to learn, unfortunatly my guitar, mic, amp, all my gear was stolen from my car while at work at a sandwhich shop. I was very soured by that and I never did anything with guitar after. Later, In the early 90s after moving to the Lake Tahoe/Reno Nevada area I did a little horn back up with a Punk Ska band but really, I just was not into playing horn any more. Also I was too busy snowboarding and doing sports that was the end of things musically. I went on with my life, very much loving music never to return until now.

I have a wide range of musical taste even if it only appears that I like grunge style (I hate that term) and punk. Since I have been learning guitar I have absolutly learned to respect the old folk singers, even the country western music writers and even the pop music writers. It simply amazing the foot tapping music they can make with just a few open chords. I have been really enjoying trying to learn the travis picking style. Very tough but I am getting closer.

So where am I at today? I ripped through grade one lessons learning a ton and then I tried to slow down through the Grade 2 lessons. I did finished the Grade 2 at the begining of February and started consolidation. I decided start the music theory class around that time as well. One of the things I have really tried to do is make good use of the practice routines, which I love. An ADHD person like me really needs to have a structure, so this has been absolutly vital. I have also been setting up new items in my practice routine from the Music Theory classes such as the triad chord practice routines.
So during my consolidation I have been working on the following:

  1. Songs, songs, songs
  2. Music Theory modules 1-4.1
  3. Making sure I have all the chords down pat, including all the Fs, the slash chords, and the open 7th chords. And use them in songs.

I am dying to move on to Grade 3 but I guess I will wait utill I get a little more Music Theory done. I could move on, and I do feel fairly comfortable about going on now but I feel i need to stick with my original plan and get all the way through Music Theory module 4.1 so. I know there is a ton to learn in beginner grade 3.

I have really learned a lot from a fair number of the regulars. It’s always the tips they have given others in the past obviously. I read to thread after the lessons, the questions I have, if any, are almost always answered in the discussions already. Just a few people I remember off the top of my head are Richard, Sclay, David, Jkahn and Jeff. So thanks to you and all the others. I have had such a blast these last few months. Learning to play some of my most favorite bands music. I am absolutly stoked and very thankful to Justin and the community here for helping me with something I have wanted to do my whole life.

Anyway that’s me, thanks everyone.

Jason Hathaway


Welcome to the Forum Jason

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Thank you stitch. There is so much knowledge here.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

I also live in Arizona and even though I love it here I’m already getting depressed knowing the summer is coming soon :joy:

It was interesting reading your background. Keep it up! :metal:

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Hi Jason,
Welcome here and have more fun :sunglasses:

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Good stuff Jason and a nice read for your introduction. Welcome and keep on enjoying yourself!!

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Welcome aboard, Jason-
Snow, ska & songs… love it :sunglasses:

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Thanks Carlos yes the heat is coming. :sweat_smile:

Its nice to see another person from the SW on here.

Oh yeah, you know it :call_me_hand:

If you like ska, check the Interrupters. Totally kickin. They have been around for a a decade or so. They are on tour right now, I think the west coast part is over already and they are in the midwest, heading east. Then they are off to Australia and Europe.

Thanks taking the time to read my hello and comment

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Hello Jason & Welcome!!! Just got back from PHX last month, our youngest is a Dr. there & we were loving the weather in February!!! Everyone acted like it was freezing & my wife and I weren’t even wearing a jacket!!!
Liked your intro… nice to hear people’s back story!
Have lots of fun with the guitar :guitar:!!!


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Nice :smiley: but they’re only doing a couple of festivals in the UK…
Here’s a fun skanking tune for your weekend :sunglasses:

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Congratulations to your daughters accomplishment. It is a tough road. My wife and I work in medicine as well, it is not what it used to be.

I take as many trips to Reno/Tahoe and Alaska to snowboard in tough conditions and climb so that I dont become too soft and warm blooded. :joy:

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Imperial leisure, those guys rip it up. Thanks :call_me_hand:

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Thank you for the warm welcome.

Welcome to the forum Jason. What a great intro ! Wise to consolidate Grades 1 and 2 but don’t get hung up on getting stuck into Theory. It will help make sense of things but not something to stop you from starting Grade 3 when you feel you are ready.

Enjoy the ride.


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Thanks for that advice. I have been thinking about what you said.

Perhaps I should get a small set list togeather and try recording my self and get a few opinions from the community. The one time I tried to record myself it was a failure with family and dogs running aorund, probobly my timing could have been better. I am not sure my equipment is up for it either. I did watch the 2nd grade lesson so i have some ideas of what I need.

As I said I am really itching to move forward to the 3rd grade material especially manipulation of the open chords, walking notes and mixing melodies. I have already been trying some on my own.

Thanks again for the good food for thought.

As the Clash says “Should I stay or should I go”

Definitely a wise move Jason and something I started doing back in the day following Justin’s now titled Classic Beginners Course. G1 & 2 much the same but loads of extra content now.

You can post her at AVOYP or if you are a little shy to start with here in the Beginners Safe Space.

Whichever you chose, you’ll get constructive feedback, support and encouragement. Don’t forget we have all trodden the same path, we are just at different points down this long and never ending road.

Any tips needed on recording just shout but you could simply shoot a video using a smartphone and upload to YouTube (unlisted and not for global viewing) its pretty easy and you can drag and drop the link into a topic here.

No pressure, do it when you feel comfortable but have a go at recording just for yourself to start with. Its a good way of applying some honest self assessment and to see what needs working on.

Like you say food for thought,


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