What's up in G

Following on from my recent request for help with learning the lead line to ‘What’s up’ by 4 non Blondes’, here is my attempt at playing along with a backing track. This is in the key of G rather than the original key of A as that’s the key my band will be playing the song in.


Good effort Malcom!!!

Good chord changes, solid playing & nice overall “feel”!
My only critique would be to work a bit on timing… I’ve never played this song as it isn’t one of my faves, so I don’t know it that well, but it seemed that some of your notes were a bit off the beat. Nothing wrong with that if it’s intentional - syncopation in action!!! :grin:
Nice job!!!


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Thanks @CATMAN62 I think that the timing issues you spotted were due to the fact that although I’ve been playing a while now, I am new to the world of lead guitar, but I’ll go with your ‘syncopation’ suggestion, it sounds cooler :grin:


Great rendition, well played. I did learn this in A, but haven’t played it in a while. Might have to give it another go now