When I Come Around - Cover (OM XIX Dry Run)

Hope everyone doesn’t mind but I wanted to get a “better” recording of this up after the live show on Saturday ;-). This take was one of my last runs through, recorded on Friday.

I had a lot of fun (and frustration!) in pulling this together over about 6 weeks or so. What sounded like a simple concept of changing the feel of this song was far more difficult to pull off half decently so actually kinda proud of this one. If you heard it at the OM then do feel free to skip over this one, you gave me some inspiring feedback already :slight_smile:


Hi Mark. I thoroughly enjoyed this at the OM and also enjoyed this version. Well done. I sometimes struggle when thinking about how to perform with one of my electric guitars and amps as a solo act, so appreciate the influence here. Great song choice as well.


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Great stuff Mark. I love how you put your own spin on a great song. Loved it!

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Good stuff, Mark! :clap:

Enjoyed it at the OM and enjoyed again here. The effort you put into this pays off nicely. You made this one your own and I kinda prefer it over the original. :smiley: :+1:

I hope you will keep this in your repertoire, it’ll become even better with every run.

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Excellent work Mark! Backing tracks not welcome or needed here - awesome!

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Hi Mark,
I liked it :clap: :sunglasses:
Good chosen song to simplify/adapt

Great song to look up for me (I know it of course)


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Hello Mark, that’s a very nice rendition of this song. You were definitely well prepared for the OM :slightly_smiling_face:.
Such a challenge to play it and sing simultaniously. Very well done :+1::clap::smiley:

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Great performances Mark both at the OM and the Dry Run. What sounds like a simple arrangement is so much more than that, when you consider the constant arpeggio and singing alongside as well. Picking was consistent throughout and that’s no mean feat !
Well done sir!!

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Often what seems like a simple song has so much more to it. Super job on that one Mark. Well done.

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@ToshS @Eddie_09 @Lisa_S @twistor59 @roger_holland @NicoleKKB @TheMadman_tobyjenner @sairfingers

Thank you all so much for taking a listen and commenting, super heartening and, self indulgently, rectified my poor first verse in the OM!! :wink:

You’re all gems :heartbeat:


Awesome version. Bruce

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Mark I really love your take on this old time classic! Your voice really well suited the song as well, really great transition from delicate gritty plucking to more aggresive strum towards the end. In my opinion, so far your best recording! Which means you are really growing as a player, well done!

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Hey Mark, slowly catching up on the AVoYP section. I enjoyed your take on the song mate. I agree with @adi_mrok this to me was your best recording yet. You have been making good progress and it’s been a joy to watch you develop as a player. Keep on doing what your doing… it’s working wonders…


@adi_mrok @Socio

Gents, thank you. To have two of you comment that you think it’s my best yet is absolutely heartening. The spring / summer period of this year has been very sporadic in terms of proper practice and skills development with much more time picking and learning songs so to have that noticed is a real validation that my time hasn’t been misspent!! Hope you guys are both doing well and thanks again for checking this one out. :+1: :heart_hands:

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Great spin on a classic Mark. Love the playing and snappy, gritty tone as well. I enjoyed it at the OM, and I see why you wanted to post the dry run - this is better.

I agree with Adi & James that this is your best recording yet.

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