When is the right time to switch from acoustic to electric?

I’m just starting Grade 2, and have been plugging along on an acoustic. Where in the course is a good time to switch to an electric?

Whenever you want, theres a difference in playability and sound, you dont need to use an electric unless you want to do things that require it


Well that’s kind of what I’m asking - at what part of the course (or what techniques) will require or be suitable/easier to use an electric for?

You can play anything on an acoustic tbh but it’ll sound like an acoustic - which can be quite varied but …

Anything rock based, that needs drive or distortion - powerchords.

Most lead stuff, though you can play this on an acoustic its much better especially bends etc on an electric.

An electric tends to have lower, lighter strings with a ‘smaller’ fret board makes faster play and larger bends easier.

If you are interested in some of that I would recommend having one of both, it takes some adjustment switching between them though

When you get to Grade 2 Module 12 then it’s better to have an electric. Up until then you can perfectly get away with just the acoustic. When you start learning the F chord in Grade 2 Module 9 an electric would make life a bit easier as Justin says electric is better for working on F chord technique and acoustic for F chord muscle strength.

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I remember a lesson right at the start of grade 1 where Justin recommends learning on electric, that’s when I got mine.

In Grade 2, F and stuck 3/4 chords are MUCH easier on electric. So go buy that electric you’ve been dreaming of :grinning:.


Thank you! I’m a few weeks away from Module 9 because Module 8 is chockers, as an Aussie friend of mine would say. Good to know that Module 12 is a good transition point.

I will neither confirm nor deny whether I pulled the trigger on an electric last week. :wink: And stuck 3/4 is exactly where I’m at right now.


I wouldn’t think of it as a transition…. more of an addition to the family :smiley: if you watch Nitsuj he plays alternates been acoustic and electric… not sure what module he was on when he unboxed the electric.

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“When is the right time to switch from acoustic to electric?”

NOW! :grinning:

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Haha the only worry I have is not getting as much conditioning of my fingers as possible to the thicker strings. I’ve got decent callouses but don’t the fingertips also get accustomed a little deeper in the fleshy part too?

Oooh ok. I haven’t seen him unbox a lefty electric yet.

He gets it during Module 9

I didn’t even get an acoustic until I had been playing for about three years. Started on an electric.

The calluses I developed on the electric were fine for the acoustic, and no, I don’t find calluses anywhere but on the tips.

Pics when it arrives! :crazy_face: