When NOT To Learn Scales

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This lesson has been very useful and maybe should be related as soon as we learn the minor pentatonic on the beginners’ course since I started to search for extra scales trying to speed up my learning to be able to learn solos.

But the point is that, as Justin states here, Is not of use for me to learn more scales as I can only play random notes of the pentatonic without maken much sense out of it.

So I’ll keep with the beginners’ course and the Theory Course until I’m ready according to Justin’s curriculum.


Rumil - same here. I am glad I found this early on. Time to make some music with it.


Yeah. And you already can use the same shape to improvise in any key, so… I’m using it to improvise in blues in A key, G and E :grin:


I found learning the 5 shapes to be really helpful. You obviously don’t have to learn all the scales, but the 5 shapes tied together with the CAGED system is a really good thing to know. I find notes sound different depending which string you use, so having the option to move around the neck is nice. Not so important for absolute beginners, get there when you get there, but if you know enough to branch out a bit, I think it’s useful.

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