When September Ends

Your song is great. I don’t really think there is much to improve on it. Maybe some little nuances, but they just come with plenty of playing. Finding a teacher for mature students is difficult I think. I have tried a few times and been unsuccessful. Just a waste of time and money. I would prefer to stick with Justin, although I also use other resources as I think it is good to get a mix of inputs. Oh, and find others to play with. It is life altering.

Thanks @Keith2 . I have come to a similar conclusion. I am keen to find someone to play with, not entirely sure how to go about it. Will keep practicing :blush:

Hi Julie,
That sounded really nice and great playing. You vox was on the money as well to my ears. Well recorded, but the levels on the recording could come up a bit. All in all a pleasant and fine recording of this song.

All the best in your guitar journey,