When to start fingerstyle?

Hey everyone, I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to start exploring fingerpicking while still working on grade 1 (currently module 6)?

I’m asking because I’m very much drawn to folk and acoustic type of songs that are often fingerpicked (is that a word?) and would like to start picking it up as soon as possible.

Justin only introduces it in module 11 and I was wondering if it would be unwise if I skipped ahead to those lessons? :thinking:

Hi @Aaronwith2dots since you’re on Module 6 I would personally be inclined to focus the now on completing Module 6 and the consolidating everything you have learned in Grade 1 to ensure that you have all the building blocks laid down.

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Aaron @Aaronwith2dots

I am a bit like you and only on Grade 1 but the finger style interest me. Must confess had a look at the lesson in Grade 2 and also finger style in other parts of the website.
Be interested with the response to this.

Getting a good foundation under you fingers is the most important part of music. Playing the chord finger style or with a pick is totally up to you. Exploring each chord finger style is actually good ear training so you can start anytime. If thats what interests you then tgere is no reason to hold back. Make sure you still complete the lessons. Don’t just jump ahead.


I agree with Stitch. If fingerstyle is what interests you then there is nothing stopping you from exploring it right away. While you should definitely go through the modules in order and build up that solid foundation, there is no reason that part of your regular practice can’t involve a bit of fingerstyle too. That’s especially true if it’s helping to keep you motivated and working towards your guitar goals.

In fact, that’s pretty much what I did. Really enjoyed fingerstyle when it was introduced by Justin, it’s now a big part of my daily routine, and I’ve taken it farther than my current position in Justin’s courses.

@Socio oh yeah, was definitely planning on finishing grade 1 properly, spending way more time on module 5/6 than the others combined, just to get those C and G chords properly!
@stitch @stitch thanks, valuable input! Had no intention on skipping lessons, properly gonna through everything, lesson by lesson.
But might just look ahead at the fingerstyle intro and start introducing it in to my daily practice already, get those righthand fingers moving a bit already🙂


I heartily agree. My view is that whatever keeps your passion alive and motivation strong, that’s the most important part. Sticking specifically to the modules suites certain people very well and has it’s benefits. Others like a more free form approach.

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OK crash course on fingerpicking.

Use fingers to pick (strumming hand).

Use fingers to make chord shapes (fretting hand).

Make up fingerpicking/chord sequences.

This is one of my favourite parts. Just plucking away at the strings in various orders until I come across something which sounds good. I have a whole bunch of sequences discovered so far. I’m sure they’re all “official” and could have been looked up, but it was more fun finding them on my own. :+1:t2:

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Yep - then advance a bit by playing some chords/multiple strings and interposing some linking scale notes between chord shapes etc.

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With this you mean figuring out what order of plucking the strings for a certain chord?
Or more how to transition between chords in a certain pattern?

The first, you’ve usually 2-3 bass notes and the others just play with sequences