When you don't have to look at your fingers

As I go back through grade 2 and 3 lessons is to run through it with little to no looking at my fingers. If I can do what I’ve learned just watching and listening to Justin, I’m getting there. It also helps one get in proper posture.


I am working at this as well. I am bad at it…
Good endeavor, though.

:+1: You play like you practice so practicing no looking at your finger is a good thing that most people never do. Same as memorizing songs. If you never practice memorizing you never will.

It’s a great feeling when that happens for the first time.

I also find I notice different things when I play without looking…extra tension when I play a certain chord, tone is muffled, and so on.

When you stop looking, you can feel more, and hear more…

…which is certainly going to improve your playing!

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