When you thought a standard guitar was too easy

Wow, I only had time to skip around on the video, but this is hilarious!

First, he clearly is doing for his own fun, without expecting success. He surprises himself several times and makes fun of his own project frequently.

He is genuinely surprised he can actually play it at all.

After he built iteration 3, he comments that this may be the worst invention ever, even worse than the atomic bomb.

Later toward the end he says “let see if we can shed on this thing” and proceeds to spin it really fast and shred a block of cheese.

So please watch it and enjoy. There is zero pretense here. He is a talented dude who must have time and money to spend (that is a pretty high end prototype he ends up with) and he had a ton of self deprecating fun with it.

He is definitely not trying to make a marketable product.


The video is the product, for his 1M+ subscribers on youtube.

Is it just me, or does he not seem to know what he’s doing, like, at all? Stringing the thing backwards and having to start over, then “discovering” the mirror function on his CAD like it was some sort of miracle? Also, the whole Lego concept doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the rigidity of the “neck”, and in fact he abandons that idea, but only after having built a prototype based on it. A little thought would have avoided the necessity to build the Lego version at all. Of course, maybe that defeats the purpose of the video, I dunno.

Anyway, zero respect as an engineer, total respect as an entertainer. I liked the video!