Where are the answers for Interval Ear Training: Aural Training Stage 1

Just took this lesson…

Can’t find the answers to the 10 questions in the lesson. Searched the current web site for “Aural Training”, searched the old.justinguitar site. No luck either.

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Hey Tony, I can’t find the lesson, so not able to give specifics. Clearly it’s not in the Learn More section. Have you checked Resources and Downloads?

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Thanks Maggie, couldn’t find a resources section. Downloads didn’t have anything I could see related to the old course other than a reference to there being an old course.

Tony - that lesson tag AU-101 no longer exists on the website so you must have watched the lesson on youtube I presume.
There are a whole new set of ear training videos here: Ear Training | JustinGuitar.com

Cheers :blush:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Moderator

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