Where can I find the CD tracks online?

Hi everyone, I’ve bought the beginners course book. In the book it says I can find the tracks of the CDs online (I don’t have a CD reader). Anyone knows where? Thanks!!

Hello @louisamarie

Is it this book?

With these CDs inside?

If yes, can I ask where you bought it from?

It is the Classic Beginner Course book.
It is a perfectly good book to learn from and for many years was THE JustinGuitar beginner course.

However, the website as it is now contains a ‘new’ beginner course and materials for the old, classic course and not necessarily supported.
There is a whole section of the website where it can be found here. https://www.justinguitar.com/classes/beginner-guitar-course-classic

There is a whole section of the community with discussion topics here. Beginner Course [CLASSIC] - JustinGuitar Community

Many of the lessons do contain audio samples which will match the CD content. But I am not 100% sure that every single CD track will be within that part of the website.

You can 100% learn to play using that book and the video lessons I have linked to.
Or you could use the new beginner course which is fully supported.


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Hi Louisa. I have the same book and the same CDs. I also have the Intermediate book and CDs. All the CDs are still in the books completely unused. You don’t really need them as it’s all covered in the online lessons.

I learned (am learning) with a combination of the books and the ‘classic’ beginners and intermediate courses on the JG website. When the new course structure came out I started using some of those lessons too. They don’t sync up with the books as the lesson numbering system is different but it’s not difficult to find the appropriate bits.

I’m a bit ‘old school’ and like ‘hard copy’ to scribble notes on. :smiley: