Where Do I Go Next?

The program isn’t finished yet, but I am continuing to work through additional intervals using the app, and that is going OK. I practice interval training for 5 minutes a day, as suggested. The part I am struggling with is the “play what you hear” part of ear training… I only know so many simples songs by heart to try to find on the fretboard, and if this is a practice I want to do for years to come, I probably need a better strategy. What are others doing for this?

One possible idea I had was to just pick a song randomly on Spotify and see how much Of it I could find in 5 minutes. What do you think about that approach? Any other suggestions?

I suspect you know more than you know. You should be listening to music anyways, providing you with lots of material.

Of course this tends to go into the direction of transcribing, so for “play from mind” exercise I would propose to simplify songs.
For instance, I tried to play “take on me” today without even listening to it. Plain, simple melody. I think it’s not even important for it to be correct, because the translation from mind to fretboard is the important thing here.

What I like to do as well is write down promising melodies, mostly from video games, maybe movies, and of course songs into my practice schedule. This way I don’t have to worry about finding something new all the time.

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