Where do pros buy their guitars?

On a local radio station news bulletin today there was a report that Slash has bought a guitar from Promenade Music in Morecambe. Bought online I presume.
They’ve exported the guitar to America and he sent them an email thanking them. They replied back saying he is welcome to call in the shop anytime he’s passing !

Buy a guitar and ride a donkey how cool is that !
That’s assuming they’re not been banned ?

Donkey Slash

I always thought that them just got custom made ones.

I might have a mooch around there the next time I’m up in Morecambe.

Slash has his own range of Gibson and Epiphone guitars, so I assume this was some interesting model or rare guitar.

….meanwhile, down on the beach, the donkey derby is in full swing and the two favourites are battling for the lead. It’s neck and neck between The Madman and Slash….