Where have the Premium Courses gone?

Hi folks, there have been a few Premium Courses behind a paywall listed on the website, I don’t remember them all, but I guess there was a Blues Module and some others. The website had a few revised versions and I can’t find those courses on the main page any more (they used to be under the main courses beginner/intermediate/advanced.) I’ve seen, PMT moved to “Store” but I can’t find e.g. Strumming or the Blues Course any more. The search function doesn’t even show Strumming SOS at first sight, if “strumming” is entered. Strumming doesn’t show up at the “Courses by Skills” either.
Did I maybe miss something ?

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Go to the main entry page and scroll down to Store. View all :smiley:


Is this what you’re looking for? They are under Website Products in the Store drop down window


@brianlarsen @stitch Oh man! Thank you both, I must have been blind! Not sure if my brain is on holiday… :joy: