Where Is My Mind? by Pixies Lesson

Learn to play Where Is My Mind? by Pixies on JustinGuitar!

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I’m getting a 404 error.

Pretty excited for this though since it’s on my list of songs to learn.

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I’ll fwd to the team, Alexis, thanks.

Cant wait to give this one a go, classic, not too hard, Justin does a cracking rendition of it.

Lesson and YT work fine for me

This was indeed a fun lesson.

And my wife could tell what I was playing the other side of the house behind 2 doors and whilst wearing headphones lol

I’ve been messing with this since the lesson went up, what a great song and as Rob says, not too hard! (so long as you’re happy with your barres :wink: )

I’ve been waiting for this!!!

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