Where is practical music theory?

I subscribed and am looking for the location of the lesson series. Menu > Courses takes me to a page with a Practical Music Theory link, but it seems like it’s a link to a description of the series rather than the beginning of it. Thanks.

William, if you click on that green button (Already Enrolled), it will take you to this page which have all the modules for the course.

Thanks. Wonder why there isn’t a link to it in the menu structure.

Its listed at the bottom of the main page under Store, 4th item down.

Thanks. That navigates me back to the page that I missed the link on originally. It could be better labeled.

Any Justin’s web content you bought you can access from Account > Purchases.
I find that easier than trying to locate specific links through menus.


I use the Menu > Courses > Practical Music Theory link
The courses are just below the presentation, click on “preview lesson” of the grade/module you want and then directly on the lesson you want.