Where is the Chord Perfect practice introduced / demonstrated?

where is the Chord Perfect practice?

Hi Jason,

The chord perfect changes are introduced in the first lesson of grade1.

the following is not relevant now this was split into its own topic

That is a better place to ask questions if you need.

To get there, You are likey to be starting at the community page, then navigate to the Beginner Grade 1 section, scroll down and select the “How to play the D chord” lesson and then ask your question in there.

Here is a link to the discussion so you don’t need to run thru all that stuff above. The perfect changes is introduced near the end of the lesson when you watch it.

Thank you!

@JasonBun and anyone else wondering the same …

I have suggested / requested that Justin make a new and separate video demonstrating the Chord Perfect practice exercise. I seem to recall that there used to be a standalone video on the old site for the old course.


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:grinning: what are the toughest chords on the guitar? @Richard_close2u

Hi @Gagan

Be careful what you ask for… :ghost:


Have fun ,Greetings,Rogier

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Hello :smiling_face: @roger_holland :flushed::hot_face::anguished::hot_face: Good teaching video :pray::cupid:. Thank you :star2:

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Oh my.

The ones you can’t play I guess!


Fm is a nightmare when you are a beginner.

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Ebadd9 is pretty stretchy.



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:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: @Richard_close2u

I found it hard on the acoustic but because of that, I found it really easy on the electric.

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