Where is the interval ear trainer?

Can you tell me where to find the interval ear training tool? It used to be here

but that link just takes me back to the home page now.

Hello Andrew.
Welcome to the community.
Do you mean this?

Not exactly. The ear trainer used to be available for free on the website via a link from the lessons. From what you’re saying it looks like it’s now only available as a paid-for app. Is that correct?

I’m not sure which you mean then.

It must no longer be supported. I still have the iOS app, but a quick search on the App Store doesn’t bring it up.

Joshua @Jamolay
Not sure where you are but still shows in the uk

I am in the USA.

Interestingly, I searched for it under “Justin Guitar” and saw many of his apps but not that one.

If I search under “Interval Ear Trainer” it does show up, though. So still there, just not tagged to “Justin Guitar”.

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Thanks for that, Joshua @Jamolay! I hadn’t been able to find it either, but your search brought it up.

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I’m with @AndrewLaxon . On the website there was a free version of the interval ear trainer. If you needed to get rid of it to get people to pay for the mobile app so be it, but not sure why we’re pretending it didn’t exist. I had already purchased the app but I did like doing it on my PC, so if there is a way to make it available to those who have purchased the app that would be great.

No need to assume that, the “Interval Ear Trainer” is still an app to be found in the app store. I just deleted and downloaded it again

People are trying to help you with what they know and this is what they get in return.

Let’s just deal with the issue at hand then.

This is what I get on that page: (bottom)

On Iphone (safari) i’m getting even less so Iet’s have this checked.
I’ll pass it on to verify.

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@LievenDV A few weeks ago I tried to download the app from google store, but couldn’t find it. I assumed, that the application would maybe only be available for IOS. Do you have any information, if it’s also provided for Android? I use Android devices and would be really interested in getting the app. Thank you in advance!

Hi Andrea,
Is this what you are looking for?

Ear trainer

Not for my laptop to use…

Hope that it helps,Greetings

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exactly what I was about to post; indeed, that should be the one for android

Found it when using “JustinGuitar” as query

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Checked on my telephone …

On the Justinguitar site you can go to …STORE…, click on …BROWSE by product type…APPS…and voila…


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@roger_holland @LievenDV Hi guys, now I feel completely stupid :see_no_evil:. I swear, I clicked a link, coming from the website and had a second try at the google store without being successful. Long live the community and its friendly members, thanks a lot! :hibiscus:

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Hello everyone,

We used to have a free tool on the website called Interval Ear Trainer, but it was a very old code that we no longer support. This tool needs to be refactored to become available again - it’s in our backlog, but it shouldn’t happen in 2023.

Although they are very similar, this tool is separate from Justin’s Ear Trainer App.

We apologize for the inconvenience and assure you our small team will work that out as soon as possible.



Thanks Laryne!

I already tried to download the Ear Trainer App from google play, tried again, but doesn’t work. I get wo different announcements on two different devices. Not compatible on my mobile and transaction refused on my tablet.
Have to check out, if it’s maybe on my side.

Have you cleared your cookies and is the ad-blocker off…my knowledge goes no further and I have long lost what Laryne is trying to say and what you are doing…guess who feels stupid now? R… :joy:
Greetings,and good luck finding out :sunglasses:

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Thanks for mentioning that, Rogier, I have to see, as I didn’t have problems to download or install other Apps recently. I don’t have the patience right now :joy: to search for the reasons. I’ll do it the old fashioned way…I’ll play my intervalls on the guitar. Two guitars sit in my music room and are already impatient, as I’m too late for my practice session…

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Thank you for the update, this is the answer I (and I think the OP) were looking for.